Sizing and Care

Due to our garments being hand sewn by individuals, slight variations in length may be experienced.

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SparkleSkirts® Care Instructions

Specific washing instructions should be listed with each product and accompany each skirt ordered. Please read and follow instructions. SparkleSkirts® performs wash tests on all fabrics, but although fabrics may pass our rigorous tests, differences in detergents, water pH, and chlorine content can affect washing results. SparkleSkirts® is not responsible for laundering mishaps, fading, or bleeding.


All SparkleLight skirts must be hand washed in cold water and line dried away from direct sunlight.

SparkleTech® (CasualFit, HikerChic®, SlimCut, SwingStyle, Vented SlimCut) and SpareParts Gear

Most Spandex-containing skirts can be machine washed in COLD water on the gentle cycle, but some require special washing methods like the use of a lingerie bag or color catcher. Fabric softeners should never be used as they can disrupt the fabric's wicking ability. Please be aware all Spandex hates chlorine! Avoid bleach! If your city’s water contains chlorine, use Woolite or a detergent that advertises color protection. Spandex can fade depending on how often it is worn and laundered.