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Made to Order- Skirts - Solid Color
  • From $80
Made to Order- Skirts - Print
  • From $80
Made to Order- DoubleFlutterCut™ Skirts - Print
  • $98
Made to Order- Skirts - Prints Petite
  • From $80

What makes you BOLDER?

We know

That every new day brings a multitude of choices.  The choices we make can affect that day AND the rest of our lives.

We know

That adversity does not make us victims.  It teaches us things we never knew about ourselves and about our world.

We know

That even the smallest step of selflessness can ignite the courage of another.

We are

Stronger than yesterday

Braver than we thought

Bolder for tomorrow.


It’s a choice!™

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New Arrivals

BOLDER Athletic Wear
Derby Birds-Raglan Top- Pre-Order
  • From $55
BOLDER Athletic Wear
Derby Birds- GoBold™Capris- Pre-Order
  • $80
BOLDER Athletic Wear
Derby Birds- Endurance Shorts- Pre-Order
  • $60
BOLDER Athletic Wear
Derby Birds Cycling Shorts w/ Sewn in Pad- Pre-Order
  • $92
BOLDER Athletic Wear
Derby Birds CapriSkirts- Pre-Order
  • From $97
BOLDER Athletic Wear
Derby Birds Limited Edition FlutterCut™ skirts (8 Styles) - Pre-Order
  • From $94
BOLDER Athletic Wear
Derby Birds Limited Edition skirts (6 Styles)- Pre-Order
  • From $80
BOLDER Athletic Wear
Made to Order Under da Sea Raglan Tops
  • From $55
BOLDER Athletic Wear
Made to Order Under da Sea GoBold™Capris
  • $80
BOLDER Athletic Wear
Made to Order Under da Sea CoverMore™ Shorts
  • $70
BOLDER Athletic Wear
Made to Order Under da Sea Endurance Shorts
  • $60
BOLDER Athletic Wear
Made To Order Under da Sea Cycling Shorts
  • $92

Skirts, bottoms and other gear at discounted prices. Order quickly, supplies are limited!

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Love these skirts. They are perfect for running/walking. Never rides up. Definitely worth the investment and I love the fact they are made right here in Florida. I like supporting a local business.

Denise C.

Love the feel of them and how pretty they are. Often running outfits are not fun, and these are ❤️

Emily H.

I had the opportunity to visit the Sparkle Skirt warehouse in Plant City. What an amazing group of people!! King and Queen Sparkle were just lovely people! And the Kind, hard working ladies who make high quality, beautiful skirts were amazing!

Nicole R.

Great product, and conceivably the best customer service I have had from ordering to shipping to receipt of product. A terrific team, making a terrific product, delivering what they promise. You won't be disappointed!

Karen P.

Great skirts for running. Love the pickets and zip pouch which can be worn in front or back.

Bernadette S.

These skirts are amazing!! They are incredibly comfortable, very breathable, and plenty of pockets for storage! I was worried they would be cumbersome to run in but they are very light weight and the shorts stay down! I plan on ordering many more!

Hannah M.

love these skirts. the abundance of pockets, the compression, overall fit, and of course the fun patterns!

Rebecca G.

I tried out several running shorts before landing on these and oh man are they worth EVERY PENNY. It’s hard enough to find shorts that don’t rub or ride up, but for them to also have amazing pockets!! Literally the best money you will ever spend when you get one of their products

Theresa B.

The only workout bottoms I will wear! Quality is superior and the shorts do not ride up. Love them!

Terrie S.

Read more testimonials here.


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