Where Would We Be?

If only we had taken photographs of how things were in the early days of SparkleSkirts®. Before we won our trademarks and patents. Before we moved into what we thought was a huge space; a 2,000 square foot office and warehouse suite! Before we got to know all the wonderful supporters we know today!











The early days involved one room in our house and a sectioned-off “clean room” in the garage. We drove our rickety stick-shift Toyota truck with an ugly camper shell on the back to every expo we could afford—and that was not many.  We handmade our 10X10 booth signage and bought hangers at Goodwill.

Through the ten years since the birth of SparkleSkirts® and the re-branding to BOLDER Athletic Wear™, we have met some of the best people on this planet! They must have understood our crazy American dream because they did not judge—at least not openly—our funky displays and carpets tossed over concrete floors in an attempt to welcome visitors.

Sparkle LOGOOur original logo—a skirt with a rising star— was meant to convey our mission: To make skirts that enable every athlete to reach their greatest goals.



Our new logo—a burning flame— stands for the determination we see in today’s active population.  


We still strive for the best products we can make. We always search for the highest quality fabrics and contract our printing in America. Our staff members—who are committed to giving you the best service possible—aim to carry out our original mission, but with an expanded product line.


All that remains is for us to say “THANK YOU!” Without all the wonderful people we have met, who continue to believe in BOLDER Athletic Wear™ and the challenges of small business, we would not be here! We hope our products and services enrich your lives as much as you have enriched ours!