Production Methods


Stock – Generally immediate availability

Stock products are made to Bolder specs and kept in stock for as long as fabric lasts and popularity prevails. Only slight alterations can be made to stock items such as installed drawstrings, music holes, BibBuddies, NipTuck alterations, leg extensions and embellishments.


Made-to-Order – Can take up to two weeks for completion

  1. When Bolder stock products are considered “open” (fabric is continually available and style is still requested) but a size is sold out, a “refill” can be made of that size at the stock price. Once a style has been discontinued, stock refills cannot be made. If fabric still remains, Individual Custom items can be ordered.
  2. Special Limited Edition Made-to-Order products are offered based on fabric availability in our warehouse. Bolder chooses the coordinating solid colors for undershorts and capri/leggings bodies based on fabric availability, compatibility with prints and the general “use” of the garments. The styles are limited, based on how the finished garments will look and how the fabric is laid out for cutting. (Any time the same styles and sizes can be laid out and cut together, production time is saved, which allows us to make the products at stock prices). Sometimes, we won’t offer certain styles out of specific fabrics because they may not be compatible; either color-wise, fit-wise or because of the density of the fabric(s).


Prepaid Pre-Order Program – Can take up to six weeks

A Pre-Order is offered when Bolder designs a new print. Usually, the “Pre-Order Window” stays open for two weeks but sometimes we will create a coinciding short window if a deadline needs to be met. Bolder chooses the styles that can be made under the stock price and offers either one or two coordinating solid colors. 

Some Pre-Order projects are ONLY by Pre-Order and will not be available later, while some   Pre-Order projects may have limited fabric leftover for future orders.

Once the orders are compiled, the fabric is purchased, delivered and production begins.  Styles or custom details outside of the offered styles most go through Individual Customs.


Teams – Production time varies

Teams are simply a group of people who want garments made out of the same fabric. Fabrics are usually provided by an outside source. The team is managed by a Team Leader and the Team determines which versions/styles should be produced. Styles outside the Team’s choices must move on to Individual Customs. Production times vary based on fabric delivery, completion of Team requirements and position in the queue for production.


Individual Customs – Up to six weeks for completion

When garments require specific details, Individual Customs allows the most choices. Fabric can be sent to us or a Bolder fabric can be used. Variants can be specified such as body and undershorts colors, versions (1.0 or 2.1), changes to styles, such as adding hem length, print or solid leg pockets, hybrid sizing, etc. Garments are cut one-at-a-time, which allows for matching plaids at seams, centering images when possible and other details.




Made-to-Order (MTO) vs. Individual Custom (IC)


  1. If we are out of your size in an existing product and we still have fabric, we will make the product for you at its original price.
  2. If you find a fabric in our warehouse (while visiting) or on our website MTO list, we can make any standard style garment for you at that style’s original price.
  3. MTO garments are cut and sewn as 2.1 or 3.0.  1.0 styles must go through Individual Customs.
  4. MTO garments have their solid match-mate colors chosen and recommended by our design team.  If you prefer something different, the order must go through customs. We reserve the right to refuse your choice if we think the garment will not work or will not represent you or Bolder Athletic Wear appropriately. (ie: particularly odd color choices or insufficient fabric density or stretch).
  5. Sometimes, when we release a new or solid, we decide that not all garment styles are workable with the fabric, (ie: if the fabric is too light). If you decide you want to choose a garment outside our recommendations made of that fabric, you must go through Individual Customs.
  6. No style changes are allowed except alterations or additions that have a listing and a price on our website (ie: leg cuff extensions).
  7. All MTO garments (except tops) will carry an exterior Bolder identifier tag.


Individual Customs:

  1. You can provide your own print for making a Bolder garment.  We will provide the solid match-mate fabric and allow you to choose from colors we offer to coordinate with your print.
  2. Your order will be considered “ready to process” once we receive your print and once you choose your match-mate solid color.
  3. Please be aware that our cutting templates are designed for specific fabric specifications.  If your provided fabric does not meet the criteria, you may be charged for cutting alterations (ie: if the fabric does not stretch adequately and we have to cut wider to accommodate).
  4. You can choose from our fabrics.  We occasionally offer some of our fabrics to be used for MTO, but other than those cases, you must use IC.
  5. We are not responsible for stretch, breathability, durability or washability of fabrics that you provide.  Every attempt will be made to make sure the fabric works for your needs, but we cannot guarantee any results, especially after wearing and/or washing.
  6. Please remember that we are not a tailoring shop.  We can only do changes that are applicable to our cutting templates.  We cut and sew as close to our template tolerances as possible as a hand-crafting shop..
  7. Individual Customs garments do not carry an exterior Bolder identifier tag.