Photoshoot with Fancy

Cancer doesn’t take a backseat to COVID. And neither do we.

Since you can’t come visit Fancy this year, we are bringing Fancy to you! 
Upload your best cancer-kickin’ photo and get your Flocktabulous picture with Fancy virtually.
You and your BolderBuddy:
Facing Fancy:
One pose to the left:
One pose to the right:
Even if your Flockstar Squad is not with you this year, we can put you all together with Fancy:
- Snap a picture of you against one color background (preferably white).
- Upload it here. 
- Our Bolder Team will create the best picture of you with Fancy and email it back to you.
Please allow 48 hours.

While the live event has been cancelled, our mission to stomp out breast cancer certainly has not.