Happy Global Running Day! Introducing our runners BBA's 🔥

 Bolder Brand Ambassador Philosophy and Mission

Our BBA's believe that living an active, healthy lifestyle cultivates confidence, courage, balance, and happiness in their busy lives. They set a personal standard to continually inspire and motivate other athletes, from beginners to those more advanced. They believe in the Bolder Athletic Wear Difference* (FKA SparkleSkirts) and how much a yard of spandex can help transform somebody's life #morethanspandex.

Our BBA's strive to connect with others and build relationships that last a lifetime. They are the BolderChoice athletes who are moms, dads, wives, husbands, daughters, sons, friends, and motivators who are willing to go out of their way to share their love and passion with others.

In honor of Global Running Day today, please meet some of our runners ambassadors who shared their running journey and some of their inspiring stories with us!

Bolder Athletic Wear... It's a choice! 🔥

 Sherry Warner

Hi my name is Sherry and I’m 54. I started running at the age of 45 as a means to lose weight, and I succeeded in losing 50 pounds and have maintained within 15 pounds ever since.

After losing the weight I needed a reason to keep running so I signed up with IRun4 Michael to be matched with a sick/disabled child to run in honor of. I was matched with a 9 month old little boy named Junior with Congenital Heart Defects. He continues to inspire me with his strength & resilience through all his trials and surgeries, he just turned 7 on May 30,2020. Juniors family has become extended family, I kinda consider him my grandson! When running gets tough or I just don’t want to go run, I think of him and it gets me motivated and in return, I send him all my medals.

In 2014 I started noticing some of the ladies wearing the cutest skirts at races  and I made friends with some of them. They turned me on to what was then called SparkleSkirts and my running world was changed!! I won’t run in anything except Bolder Athletic Wear (formerly SparkleSkirts), I’ve been spoiled by the amazing fit and of course #ALLthepockets. I started with just 2 used ones and thought that would be plenty because I can wash them right after wearing. Then I noticed more & more cute prints which turned into more & more skirts. I don’t even own a pair of shorts anymore because I wear my skirts daily, even to the gym or to work. Let’s just say that I can now go well into 6 weeks without doing skirt laundry!! Running has brought so much into my life. I’m more confident, stronger, friendlier, and I know I can survive running in snow, sleet, wind, rain, or scorching heat. It has also brought some of my best friends to me, affectionately called my running wives. I hope to continue running as long as my body allows, that could be well into my 80s if I play my cards right and stay healthy & active.

I’ve run about 20 half marathons and countless other races of shorter distance, I’m also a Half Fanatic. I tend to run about 4 halfs a year, my favorite season to run them is in the late fall. Half marathons are plenty challenging for me so I personally don’t feel the need or want to run a full marathon. However I’m trying to challenge myself in other ways. I’ve started weight/cross training with a coach, done some easy trail runs, starting to cycle more,  and am actually signed up for my first duathlon! While that’s exciting, it’s also a little frightening.

I love helping others with their journeys and I also tend to be called a “race pusher” among friends; after all who doesn’t have FOMO?? haha! I continue to strive to improve myself; be it physically, mentally, or spiritually & hope I inspire others to do the same.

Sherry Warner
Live Love Run



Mandi Clark



I started running in 2000!

I started off running a small local race with my sister who had already run a few races. I was instantly hooked!

My running journey has taken me to completing (many) races up to the half marathon distance. This year I am going to tackle the marathon, wearing a Bolder skirt, of course! 

I always struggled with what I should wear. I didn't feel comfortable wearing tights, and shorts that I liked the fit of were hard to find. I then discovered skirts! I bought a few, I made a few, and I discovered that I really liked this new option! I discovered Bolder Athletic Wear (SparkleSkirts) a number of years ago. I bought one...then another...now I have a closet full! I am not going to disclose how many I have...but I have one for every major holiday and occasion...plus some! I visited Florida (from Ontario, Canada) last year, and I made sure to visit Bolder Headquarters! I left with a few new skirts and a huge smile on my face. What I like best about Bolder skirts, is how I can express myself with my skirt, feel comfortable and know that I also look good! I also wear Bolder skirts casually and when visiting amusement parks. The three large pockets come in very handy!!




Karen Edsall

My journey started in 2015 when I saw that I needed a healthy lifestyle change.  After trying a 5k, I found I enjoyed racing following the run/walk/run.

I joined a running group and was introduced to Bolder Athletic skirts. Since then, they are the only skirt that I run in. Bolder Athletic skirts has helped on my journey by making my runnings fun with the different skirts that are available.

I like that I can keep everything I need to run with in the different pockets. I get excited at races when I see others wearing Bolder skirts because it’s like a big family reunion.

Now my goal is to get ladies out walking and eventually running to enjoy this world we live in and be the best they can be having fun doing it!




Sheree Wilson

My story is proof positive that it’s never too late to start a new journey in life.
I came from a not so healthy lifestyle (40 years of being a smoker) to running my first 5k in 2013 at 57 years old.
It was a night race with a party like atmosphere that I ran with my daughter. I placed 5th in my age group. I was so amazed that the other runners, for the most part were just ordinary people like me. All I could think about after that race was that if I trained really hard maybe I could place in the top 3 next time. I was hooked!
Since that first race I have ran many distances and types of races from 5K’s up to 50K’s. From obstacle races to a Ragnar race and paved races to trail races. In 2017 I broke the State record for the 50K for my age and in 2018 I set the 30K record for my age.
Like most runners I know, I have had setbacks and comebacks. The important thing is to take care of yourself and get back out there.
I currently am so honored to be a part of:
1. Missouri Team Beef 2017
2. Fit Mom Strong Mom Ambassador 2019
3. Springfield Brewing Company Athletics 2019
4. Half Fanatics 2019
5. Team Beachbody Coach 2019
6. Honey Stinger Ambassador 2020
7. Bolder Athletic Wear Ambassador 2020
8. Hogeye Ambassador 2020
9. Joplin Area Roadrunners Ambassador 2020


If you would like to share your running story to honor the day, please leave a comment or email us socialmedia@bolderathleticwear.com