World Class Foodie

Anyone hungry? World Class Foodie, Bolder’s latest exclusive design, has something for everyone! Take a trip around the world and experience a taste of some staple cuisines.


Here’s a snapshot of the food and dialect you’ll encounter at each stop in your journey:


Mexico foods

Spanish: Buen provecho (Enjoy your meal).

Taco, margarita, red and green chile pepper.



Norway foods

Norwegian: Nyt måltidet (enjoy the meal).

Salmon and rosette (fritter).



Chinese food

Chinese: Wǒmen chī ba (Let's eat).

Tea, fortune cookie, noodles and shrimp.



German food

German: Lass uns essen (Let's eat).

Sausage, beer, lebkuchen (glazed round cookie).



Italian food

Italian: Mangiamo (Let's eat).

Pizza, wine, grapes.



American food

English: Let's Eat.

Apple pie, corn dog, ice cream.



Japanese Food

Japanese: Shokumotsu (Food).

Shiitake mushrooms, Sake, sushi piece.



Moroccan food

Arabic: Sahtein (Enjoy your meal).

Mint tea, tagine, olives and saffron.



French food

French: Bon appétit (Enjoy your meal).

Coffee, croissant, camembert cheese.



English food

English: Nosh (British slang for food).

Digestive biscuit, trifle, cottage pie.



Canadian food

English: Enjoy.

Maple Syrup, Canadian bacon, poutine (french fries with cheese curds and gravy).


Fruits & veggies

Fruits and veggies

Garlic, tomato, asparagus, broccoli, carrot, corn in a cob, red onion, lemon wedge, pear, orange, apple, banana.



What is your favorite food to eat on your Bolder travels? Let us know by tagging us in your social media posts! 


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