What Does Your Bolder Wear Say About You?

"Do not disturb. Woman at work."       

Clothes have an awesome power to convey how you are feeling to the world. Don’t want to be bothered? Hood up, sunglasses on, and headphones in. Want a conversation starter? Your favorite band tee or a bright piece that stands out. The language of clothes opens up a world of possibilities.

What you wear to the gym says more about your goals than you may realize. Whether you carefully plan your workout outfit or you throw on the first thing you see that resembles athletic wear, you are making a statement. What exactly is this statement? Well, I’m glad you asked.


Oversized Shirt & BOLD Black Dart Leggings

Model pictured wearing BOLD Black Dart leggings

You're not really having it today. You might be bloated, or tired, or it might just be laundry day. Whatever the reason, the gym is not at the top of the list of places you would like to be today. What matters is that you made it. You are determined to get in and out with maximum sweat. 


Bright Top & GoBOLD™ Capris

 Model pictured wearing black GoBOLD™ capris

 You're confident. You're ready to have a great workout and you don’t care who knows it. Your bright mood is as obvious as your shirt, and you are rocking both.


All Black

Model pictured wearing Black Silk FlutterCut™ Skirt 

You're keeping it basic. Life is hectic enough without adding in the stress of assembling a coordinating outfit. You’ve got a lot going on and you just need a mellow look to kickstart a mellow mood.  


Custom BOLDER Headband

 Model pictured wearing Dimples FlutterCut™ Skirt

You're all about the look. Who said you can’t accessorize at the gym? Bonus, you won’t be wiping sweat from your forehead every 10 minutes. If there are any downsides to this piece, I can’t see them.


Sports Bra & BOLD Endurance Shorts

 Model pictured wearing navy BOLDER endurance shorts

You're 100% results-oriented. You are ready to see those muscles work. Layers of clothing will only get in the way of visualizing that rocking body you are working for. 


Colorful GoBOLD™ Capris

Model pictured wearing red GoBOLD™ capris

You're feeling fun. Today is a good, stress-free day. Digging through your mass of black leggings to triumphantly pull out that bold color got you in the mood to take on the world in style. You might even test yourself with a new and challenging workout.


Printed Leggings

 Model pictured wearing Labyrinth Dart leggings

You're self-motivated. Your leggings are just as inspirational as you are. Creativity and motivation are major forces in your life and in your workout. Working out is hard, but you meet that challenge head on. 


Themed Outfit

Model pictured wearing Woman of Steel skirt and gold BOLDER sleeves 

You do you. Who wants to look like every other person they see at the gym? You are not afraid to spice it up and make the boldest statement in the room. You know what you like and you go for it. You are happiest when you’re just being you.


Sports Bra Top

 Model pictured wearing BOLD Black Dart leggings

You're proud of your body. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are in your fitness journey, so why not show it? You feel good, you look good, and you don’t blame anyone for taking a second look. 


Affirmation T-Shirt

Model pictured wearing CasualFit™ Fearless skirt 

 You know you can't do it all on your own, and you're cool with that. Sometimes you need to be reminded why you picked up those weights or started that run in the first place. It’s not always easy to maintain that fierce energy that you feel at the beginning of a workout, and that’s okay.



Models pictured wearing Red Mini Dart leggings 

You're reliable. You are here to keep each other accountable in your workout and provide motivation. Pushing through that last set in a tough workout is easier when you have a buddy right next to you going through the same thing and cheering you on.


Knotted Top

 Model pictured wearing SwingStyle® Adventure skirt

You're the most stylish girl in your squad. You give the best fashion advice and can save almost any look. Boring t-shirts are no match for your style powers. Who knew the fabulous effect a well-placed knot would have on a shirt? Oh, that’s right, you did.


 Printed Skirt

Model pictured wearing Prismacolor SwingTall™ skirt 

You don't take yourself too seriously. Working out is not always the most glamorous experience. You could care less if you look ridiculous trying to follow along to a video online or holding a particularly unflattering pose. You’re having fun! Fun prints put you in the mood to welcome fun into your routine.


Half-Tucked T-Shirt 

Model pictured wearing GoBOLD™ Frida capris 

You're detail-oriented. Contrary to its laid-back appearance, an effective half-tuck is very difficult to achieve. It takes attention to detail and a bit of finesse to create the effortless facade that leaves other women wondering how you did it.