Volunteer Recognition Day with our BBA Te'Retta Hall

Volunteer Recognition Day is celebrated to honor and respect all volunteers around the world who are helping others without expecting anything in return. These volunteers dedicated themselves and large parts of their lives to helping the needy.

Our Bolder Spotlight this month is our sweet Bolder Buddy Te'Retta!


"For the past 6 years, I’ve served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Chris Hope Foundation. Our organization provides services and support to families with children suffering from terminal illnesses. CHF empowering families makes me the most excited to be involved. Despite what families are going through, we always find ways to embrace families, bring a smile to their faces, and try to pull the focus away from what they’re going through. While I’ve been involved in numerous activities and special moments, one is near and dear to my heart. A few years ago, I was able to spend time with a young man named Dylan for a Local Memphis (ABC 24) TV interview. He was chatty, quick-witted, and excited about being there despite his illness. It was a great time to be with him and his mom and learn more about his journey. Though he lost his battle to cancer last year, I smiled at those precious moments.


Last year, we opened our first foundation home. Families coming in for treatment at LeBohneur and St. Jude don’t always qualify for housing. Our home may be another option for them. And it’s free of charge. Our founder and volunteers worked countless hours to renovate this house and make it a home.

Being a part of this foundation is fun, rewarding, and work... good work! Knowing that everything we do is to help breathe hope into a family’s life is worth it. We are in the process of preparing for this weekend’s Bowling Tournament, where I will handle oversight of about 20 volunteers. I will be there serving as well. I’m a firm believer in leading by precept and example!      

When I’m not working with CHF, I’m on video chat with my grandson A’Zias; running, working out, and/or training; and empowering others to be their best self. 

I’m a certified personal trainer and running coach (Total Concept-Fitness Coach), as well as a local co-Ambassador for Black Girls RUN! and Bolder Athletic Wear." ~Te'Retta


On this day, help someone who is in need. If you are not able to help directly, then you can help the needy by donating some money to volunteer groups or welfare organizations. The feeling of helping others will be so rewarding and satisfying.

Also, post pictures and create awareness about this day on social media. Tag us to share, using the hashtag #BolderVolunteerRecognitionDay!