The Wounded Warrior Project

One of our newest staff members, Rico, has not only benefited greatly from the Wounded Warrior Project after suffering severe injury from an Improvised Explosive Device in Afghanistan in 2013, he has donated his time and money to help other wounded veterans integrate into "life back home" through music therapy. Rico personally purchased dozens of guitars and helped fellow military members learn to play. "Learning to play music helps take your mind off negative or frightening thoughts", Rico says.

Rico is especially impressed with the recent restructure of the WWP. With a brand new CEO; Retired General Michael Linnington and all new board members, the program has fine-tuned its financial and fundraising efforts. In 2016 alone, $213 million was spent on support for warriors and their caregivers and family members. Over 100,000 wounded veterans were served. The new financial reports show 70.5% of all donations received going directly to warriors, 22.95% spent on fundraising efforts, and only 6.5% spent on administration of the non-profit organization.

Rest assured that a portion of your purchase on Saturday will go toward mental and physical assistance programs for those who have served and sacrificed so much.

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