Summer Cycling Bucket List

As summer comes to a close, we all start to feel the guilt of not completing that summer bucket list we planned at the beginning of the year. With canceled plans becoming the new normal this year, many of us are itching to finish the summer feeling like we accomplished something. Take these final days of summer to get out of your routine and dust off that bucket list you haven’t seen since March. Need help getting started? Start with the small things or focus on one aspect of your list. Here at Bolder, we are riding out the last days of summer on our bikes. Join us! Have a look at these last minute summer cycling bucket list items to try.


Bike tour in the mountains

Do a bike tour

If you are new to an area or even if you have lived in the same place for years, there are always exciting areas to explore! Bikes give you the freedom to go where you want, when you want.


Bike against fence


Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? Explore new and interesting places and remember them with the mementos you find!


Family bikes on a bridge

Family Biking

Get the kids out from behind their screens for a bit and get the whole family engaged in something fun and healthy. Race, go slow, make it a game, turn the driveway into a carwash for bikes, customize your experience! Make memories you will never forget.


White bike with basket

Picnic ride

Picnics are the solution to a dull day or lack of inspiration for an outing. Change your scenery and enjoy cheap entertainment! Dress it up or dress it down, make it a date night or a solo getaway. 

Bike next to map

Pick a random point

Throw a dart at a map, spin around blindfolded to stop your finger on a globe, choose whatever method of randomization you want to make it interesting. The point is to hop on your bike and ride! When you reach your random destination, you might even want to do the exercise again and continue the adventure.


Bike on a beach

Ride to a beach

If you aren’t close to a beach, make it a weekend trip! Drive somewhere close to water and take your bike to use while you’re there. Appreciate a minimalistic beach day, you’ve earned it!


Bike sunrise

Watch a sunrise

Start a ride before the sun comes up and stop at a perfect viewpoint to wait for the magic to happen. Clear your head and take in the picturesque setting.


Bikes sunset

Watch a sunset

Not an early riser? Sunsets are just as pretty as sunrises! End your day with a view that puts a smile on your face and gives rest to your soul.


night lights bike

Go for a night ride

Grab your flashlight and reflectors and ride into the night (safely!). When you are given the opportunity, take that ride and use the sounds of the darkness as the playlist you never knew you needed.


Bike with food in basket

Bike to the store or farmers’ market

Be economically friendly while approaching grocery shopping in a new way. Support a local stand or small grocer while getting your exercise the next time you need to pick up a few things.

Tandem bike

Try a tandem bike

Who hasn’t wanted to test their coordination and teamwork skills on a tandem bike? Take the plunge and rent one for the day! 


Bike on scenic route

Take a scenic bike route

Clear your schedule for the day or just a few hours and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Take it slow for a change.


Road up a hill

Choose a route with hills

Challenge yourself! Attack those hills with enthusiasm! Don’t let yourself take the easy route for the day and push yourself.

How are you riding out the final days of summer? Share your pictures and bucket lists with us!