SparkleSkirts Design Styles Explained

In an effort to continually improve our American-made athletic apparel products, we've implemented quite a few design changes. Below explains each of the unique characteristics along with photos to help provide a visual example. Should you have any questions about a product prior to order, please email or call us during business hours (M-F, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST) at (813) 759-6000.

1.0 Design (Original)
These skirts have fabric covering the waistband zipper pocket, the undershorts seam is down the middle, the pockets are sewn onto the shorts, the waistband-to-skirt seam can be flipped up, and the size tag is in the shorts.

2.0 Design (Retired)
The 2.0 Design features include an EZ Grab Zipper; the undershorts seam is on the side, not down the middle; the pocket panel is incorporated into the design of the shorts, helping to reinforce the seams; the waistband-to-skirt seam is smooth, as the layers are tucked inside the waistband; and the size tag is in the skirt, not the shorts, making it more convenient for those who wear the reversible shorts with the 12" zippered compartment in the back. If you'd like to see up-close photos and more details on the 2.0 Design improvements, most of which are also found in the 2.1 Design, please read our 2.0 Design blog post.

2.1 Design
The 2.1 Design incorporates our 2.0 Design improvements, but the waistband-to-skirt seam is sewn down to the shorts rather than tucked. Both ways help smooth the skirt shape, but this latest improvement makes it easier to alter the shorts if someone needs a nip-tuck or to have the shorts replaced. Additionally, the 2.1 Design waistband measurement is consistent with the 1.0 Design measurement specifications. If you are a fan of original SparkleTech skirts, the 2.1 skirts will be sure to please!