SparkleSister Stacia Faces Health Challenges Head On with Fitness…and [Sparkle] Fashion

While some people might use their medical challenges as a reason NOT to exercise, they’re exactly why SparkleSister Stacia Roundtree runs.

“I am living with Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic fatigue, and Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (clotting disorder), and I have one kidney. Running allows me to fight these conditions and stay fit. Exercise is the healthiest thing for me, so I run,” said Stacia. But it’s not always easy. Her conditions sometimes cause flare-ups, which lead to inflammation build-up that can decrease her activity. 

“I had a flare up that lasted months. Over the course of those months, I had to take steroids, which caused weight gain.” Running helped Stacia to lose 42 pounds, her biggest health and fitness accomplishment!

Friends have been very influential in her fitness journey. She became a runner and completed her first race, the 2016 Disney Princess Half Marathon, at her friend’s encouragement and with the help of Jeff Galloway's training method. Other friends keep her motivated and in motion.

“My friend Bianca has inspired me tremendously. Like me, she has arthritis. She kicks butt and advocates to find a cure for children with this disease.”

Since learning about SparkleSkirts at the 2016 Dark Side 10k, Stacia has gained even more encouraging friends through the SparkleSisterhood.

“I love that whenever I see one or they see me we always say hi and immediately find something to talk about.” Beyond the intangible benefits, she said the skirts have boosted her confidence and performance when running.

“I no longer experience chaffing and I feel gorgeous when running. I love the look and functionality of SparkleSkirts. I can carry my phone, water, gels, and snacks, which is especially helpful on long runs,” she explained.

Stacia inspires us to put our excuses aside and just get out there. We are grateful to have a product that makes Stacia and so many achieve their health and fitness goals while feeling and looking beautiful.