SparkleSister Kim Duncan Puts One Foot in Front of the Other to Find a Cure!

SparkleSister Kim Duncan is kicking off our new SparkleSpotlight program, designed to highlight those in the SparkleFamily who fundraise for charity. Each month, SparkleSkirts will select one or two spotlights to share on our social media channels. The monthly spotlights will also receive a SparkleSkirts gift certificate help with fundraising efforts. If you're interested, please visit Now onto Kim's inspiring story!

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day, which covers 60 miles within the three days, requires overnight camping, and a fundraising minimum of $2,300 to help end breast cancer. She has also crewed the event and will be assisting again this year. This November Kim will walk 30 miles in a similar event that she has participated in for five years, the Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer. This year her walk is dedicated to her dear friend Karen Rager.

"Karen and I have only met face to face once, but we've been friends online for many years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer recently and, while her prognosis is good, the news was still unsettling," said Kim. "She's always supported my efforts in raising funds and awareness, now it's my turn to support her!"

Kim said she especially likes how the money raised on the 2-Day walks stays in her home state of Georgia, but the research money granted by It's the Journey, the organization that produces the 2-Day Atlanta event, benefits all breast cancer patients.

"A friend's daughter is one of the researchers now. I promised at her high school graduation party if she worked in the lab to find a cure, I'd walk and raise money to help pay for the research. So far she's keeping her end of the bargain so I have to keep mine!" said Kim.

Kim said she loves walking and running in her SparkleSkirts because they're so cute and comfortable, especially for these long events.

"This picture is at the 19-mile marker from day one of the walks. I look like a drowned rat because it had just stopped raining, but I got a LOT of compliments on the skirt. I looked great and felt awesome, even after walking 19 miles!"

Let's join Kim and help her friend Karen and others who are battling breast cancer; let's fund the research needed to end this devastating disease. Click to here to learn more about Kim's efforts and donate to her fundraising walk/purchase raffle tickets! A $10 donation will get you one ticket to the raffle and $25 will get you 3 tickets. The drawing will be held on May 15, 2017.