In honor of National Poetry Month, we've resurrected some of our favorite entries from Bad Poetry Day last September. Enjoy and feel free to leave your own in the comments!

by: Keri McCarthy Snyder
I sweat, glisten, Sparkle, and shine.
But when I wear my skirt I feel fine.
Its pockets hold items galore,
And I love them so much I just want more!
The skirts are terrific, pretty, and fun,
That I can't wait to wear one on my daily run.
'Sparkle on' is the motto, and sparkle I will
Whether running the flats or walking uphill.

by: Kim Coddington Hill
I Sparkle all day and Sparkle all night. Keeps me tucked in, but not too tight. When I slip you on, I know I will rock it! People say "How Cute!" and I show them my pocket. Other skirts may chafe and ride, but SparkleSkirts stay by my side

by: Jen Day
a haiku:
I Sparkle and run
for my health, and also for
chocolate and wine

by: Stephanie Dittelberger-Clark
Sparkle jail is a crime
My offenses have caused me time
Please, oh please, I need money for bail
To get me out of Sparkle jail

by: DeLisa Strickland LeBoeuf
Sparkle, Sparkle little skirt cause without you, my legs don't work.
How I love your shimmer and shine, your SparkleSkirts cover my behind!😂

by: Eri-chan Simmons
My Sparkle gives me power, my Sparkle gives me strength
While I like Swings, I really love the Hiker length

by: Denise Whitaker
Sparkle, Sparkle Little Star, Please make my credit card limit larger!

by: Lyn Fox
Love my Sparkle to run
and Sparkle for fun
Often means a need for Sparkle bail
'Cuz I'm in Sparkle jail!

by: Nora Chiong 
Whether hot or cold my booty knows
It will be happy to walk, run or prance
At any given chance 'cause this sparkle sister
Never leaves home without a custom or stock
These genius skirts hold all my stuff, are super sparkly cute and totally ROCK!

by: Kristy Benz Penney
SparkleSkirt Haiku:
Most running shorts chafe
SparkleSkirts will not do that
Plus they're oh so cute!

by: Joli Rosier
Twas the night before race day and all through the room, resting and relaxing I was not.
I matched this top to that skirt and what not.
With no decision in sight, I take a deep breath...
And do whatever I want because SparkleSkirts are the best!

by: Lynn Furman
Wear your sparkle skirt all around town
There's nothing better to remove a frown
Wear it proud, it won't let you down

by: Cheryl Lee Thompson
A couple haikus:

Never shop for skirts
Or fabric when you can't sleep
My credit card bleeds

Hubby gets the mail
"I sent one back for repair"
Don't think he is fooled