National Walking Day

Get your walking shoes out! Today, April 6, is National Walking Day! Today we are promoting a healthy lifestyle in one of the simplest ways. No equipment, no mess, no fuss, just walking! With such a straightforward task, the sky is the limit for how you choose to tailor this activity in order to enjoy your time to the fullest. As long as you are up and moving for 30 minutes, that’s a successful Walking Day. Here are just a few ways you can jazz up your walk for today:

1. Take A Friend

Friends posing in Bolder skirts

Don’t like walking alone? Get a friend or family member involved in your fitness fun. You can even go a step further and color-coordinate or go for a twinning moment!


2. Start A New Podcast

Woman wearing headphones and a Bolder skirt

Maybe you love podcasts, maybe you’ve never listened to one. Today, branch out and try something new. Test out some educational material, comedies, interviews, storytelling, etc.

3. Take A Furry Friend

Woman wearing a Bolder skirt posing with her dog

Bring your pet along for the fun and the time will fly by! Before you know it, you’ll both be tired out and ready for some well-earned snuggles.

4. Catch Up On Calls

Woman holding a phone and wearing a Bolder skirt

Haven’t talked to a few family members in a while? Need to return some business calls? Walk and talk! Take care of your social business and knock out your physical business while you’re at it.

5. Walk A New Trail

Woman wearing a Bolder skirt hiking

Find somewhere new and explore! You might just discover your new favorite spot. Shake it up today and aim for adventure.

6. Hit Up Your Favorite Amusement Park

Woman wearing a Bolder skirt at an amusement park

You will definitely reach your walking goal and then some if you are able to visit your go-to amusement park today.

What are you doing for National Walking Day? Let us know on social media by tagging us in your Bold walking pics!