National Color Day

National Colors Day is a day to appreciate the beautiful colors that surround us every day. This day is observed during the magical fall season as the shades of our world are changing. Take some time today to observe the colors in your environment and take stock of the emotions that you associate with those colors. Pick out your Bolder skirt of the day by paying special attention to how the featured colors will affect your mood. Here’s a list of common color interpretations to get you started:

Red: Passion, Love, Determination

You’re ready to attack the day! Maybe you are in love, or maybe you are simply feeling particularly fierce today.

Shocking red swing


Orange: Energy, Happiness, Vitality

Today is a good day! You are going to put your energy to good use and get stuff done.

Orange U Glad swing


Yellow: Optimism, Enlightenment, Creativity

Opportunity is knocking! New projects are around the corner and you are bursting with ideas. 

Sunflower swing


Pink: Playfulness, Kindness, Femininity

Why so serious? Let the good vibes and the random acts of kindness thrive.

Primrose swing


Green: New Beginnings, Abundance, Nature

Adventure calls! Nature is starting fresh and so are you. 

Enchanted green


Blue: Calm, Responsible, Confidence

No worries! You are calm, cool and collected. You are taking care of business today like the boss lady you are. 

Blue Royale fluttercut


Purple: Luxury, Royalty, Wealth

Yes Queen! Who’s the fairest of them all? You! Your subjects better get ready for the energy you are about to bring to the round table.

 Powerful Purple swing


Black: Mystery, Elegance, Sophistication

Who is she? She’s the picture of grace and refinement, that’s who.

Black Silk swing


Gray: Balance, Conservative, Formality

Simple, yet significant! Making a statement does not have to come from loud pops of color.  

 Anthracite swing


White: Purity, Cleanliness, Virtue

Clean slate! Today is what you make it. No stress, no expectation, just possibility. 

Vitality White swing


Brown: Warmth, Security, Stability

Who’s ready to get cozy? Your mood is a warm blanket that will stay with you all day.


Mudpie swing


Tan: Wholesomeness, Dependability, Resilience

It’s a sure thing! You are ready to handle anything that comes your way.

Ray Of Light swing


What color are you wearing today? Tag us in your colorful social media posts!