Melissa... Living Her Best Life In Bolder 🔥

This month’s Bolder Spotlight is Super Mom Melissa Marowelli! Her fun personality shines through in her skirt choices and in her posts online. Her dedication to running and living life to the fullest is inspiring! Let's get to know Melissa and her Bolder journey so far:

I'm a mom of 6 & a middle school cross country coach. I am a 3x Ironman finisher and I will represent TeamUSA for Long Course at ITU World's in Almere, Netherlands in 2021.

Melissa Merowelli running a race in a Bolder Athletic Wear skirt Melissa Marowelli jumping in a race wearing a Bolder Athletic Wear skirt

Current fitness goals are preparing for a 8 mile open water swim event around Mackinac Island in late August and then 3 more 140.6 distance triathlons between September to November.

Melissa Marowelli finishing a race with drink in hand wearing a Bolder Athletic Wear skirt Melissa Marowelli smiling while finishing a race wearing a Bolder Athletic Wear skirt

My Bolder skirts are a vital part of my training. I can trust that I can wear them in any weather, any where, and I will not chafe. With as much training as I do, I don't have time to be sidelined dealing with wound care.

Melissa Marowelli doing yoga on the beach wearing a Bolder Athletic Wear skirt 

I've been part of the Bolder community for a LONG time now... at least 6 years. It was always kind of a running joke that you never divulge how many skirts were actually in your closet so that way you couldn't be accused of having "too many" #plausibledeniability

In December of 2020, I realized that I had a handful of skirts that I just hadn't worn for a while, so I decided that starting Jan. 1 2021 I would start working my way through wearing all of my skirts & not re-wearing a skirt until EVERY skirt had been worn... it's the middle of May & I still have multiple hangers to go before I run out of skirts.

 Melissa Marowelli posing at a race with friends wearing Bolder Athletic Wear skirts Melissa Marowelli posing at a race with a friend wearing Bolder Athletic Wear skirts
Here are some highlights from Melissa’s #skirtoftheday posts:
 Melissa Marowelli #skirtoftheday day 1

Day 1: Picasso Blue: First run of 2021


Melissa Marowelli #skirtoftheday day 4

Day 3: Disco: Strength work & yoga


Melissa Marowelli #skirtoftheday day 7

Day 7: Fireswirl: 6 miles


Melissa Marowelli #skirtoftheday day 33

Day 33: Lava Lamp: Added more skirts to collection


Melissa Marowelli #skirtoftheday day 38

Day 38: Inverness: Socially distanced group run


Melissa Marowelli #skirtoftheday day 39

Day 39: Crazy for Chevron: Sunday Funday Runday


Melissa Marowelli #skirtoftheday day 43

Day 43: Custom Star Wars: Hike


Melissa Marowelli #skirtoftheday day 45

Day 45: Oval Track: Morning run


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