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We are thrilled to introduce you to some of our awesome ambassadors who shared their fitness journey and some of their inspiring stories with us!
Bolder Brand Ambassador Philosophy and Mission

Our BBA's believe that living an active, healthy lifestyle cultivates confidence, courage, balance, and happiness in their busy lives. They set a personal standard to continually inspire and motivate other athletes, from beginners to those more advanced. They believe in the Bolder Athletic Wear Difference* (FKA SparkleSkirts) and how much a yard of spandex can help transform somebody's life #morethanspandex.
Our BBA's strive to connect with others and build relationships that last a lifetime. They are the BolderChoice athletes who are moms, wives, daughters, friends, and motivators who are willing to go out of their way to share their BOLDER love and passion with others.

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 Sherry Warner

Hi, my name is Sherry and I’m 54. I started running at the age of 45 as a means to lose weight, and I succeeded in losing 50 pounds and have maintained within 15 pounds ever since.
After losing the weight I needed a reason to keep running so I signed up with IRun4 Michael to be matched with a sick/disabled child to run in honor of. I was matched with a 9-month-old little boy named Junior with Congenital Heart Defects. He continues to inspire me with his strength & resilience through all his trials and surgeries, he just turned 7 on May 30, 2020. Juniors family has become extended family, I kinda consider him my grandson! When running gets tough or I just don’t want to go run, I think of him and it gets me motivated and in return, I send him all my medals.
In 2014 I started noticing some of the ladies wearing the cutest skirts at races  and I made friends with some of them. They turned me on to what was then called SparkleSkirts and my running world was changed!! I won’t run in anything except Bolder Athletic Wear (formerly SparkleSkirts), I’ve been spoiled by the amazing fit and of course #ALLthepockets. I started with just 2 used ones and thought that would be plenty because I can wash them right after wearing them. Then I noticed more & more cute prints which turned into more & more skirts. I don’t even own a pair of shorts anymore because I wear my skirts daily, even to the gym or to work. Let’s just say that I can now go well into 6 weeks without doing skirt laundry!! Running has brought so much into my life. I’m more confident, stronger, friendlier, and I know I can survive running in the snow, sleet, wind, rain, or scorching heat. It has also brought some of my best friends to me, affectionately called my running wives. I hope to continue running as long as my body allows, that could be well into my 80s if I play my cards right and stay healthy & active.

I’ve run about 20 half marathons and countless other races of shorter distance, I’m also a Half Fanatic. I tend to run about 4 halfs a year, my favorite season to run them is in the late fall. Half marathons are plenty challenging for me so I personally don’t feel the need or want to run a full marathon. However, I’m trying to challenge myself in other ways. I’ve started weight/cross-training with a coach, done some easy trail runs, starting to cycle more,  and am actually signed up for my first duathlon! While that’s exciting, it’s also a little frightening.

I love helping others with their journeys and I also tend to be called a “race pusher” among friends; after all who doesn’t have FOMO?? haha! I continue to strive to improve myself; be it physically, mentally, or spiritually & hope I inspire others to do the same.
Sherry Warner
Live Love Run


Mandi Clark



I spent most of my childhood exploring on a bike, living in rural Ontario, Canada. I was active through high school and university and started running when I started working full-time in 1999. I ran a local 5k with my sister in early 2000. I was instantly hooked!

When I started running, I struggled with what I should wear. I didn't feel comfortable wearing tights, and shorts that I liked the fit of were difficult to find. I then discovered running skirts! I bought a few, I made a few, and I discovered that I really liked this new option! I discovered Bolder Athletic Wear (SparkleSkirts) quite a few years ago. I bought one...then I have a closet full! I am not going to disclose how many I have...but I have one for every major holiday and some!

My running journey over the years has taken me to complete various races from 5km to 25km, and I became a Half Fanatic in 2017. I still enjoy cycling, and I have raced in multiple mountain bike races and a number of triathlons. When I am not running, walking, hiking, kayaking or cycling, I can be found knitting or crocheting. 

I visited Florida in 2019, and I made sure to visit Bolder Headquarters! I left with a few new skirts and a huge smile on my face. What I like best about Bolder skirts, is how I can express myself with my skirt, feel comfortable and know that I also look good! I also wear Bolder skirts casually and when visiting amusement parks. The three large pockets come in very handy!!


Karen Edsall

My journey started in 2015 when I saw that I needed a healthy lifestyle change.  After trying a 5k, I found I enjoyed racing following the run/walk/run.
I joined a running group and was introduced to Bolder Athletic skirts. Since then, they are the only skirt that I run in. Bolder Athletic skirts have helped on my journey by making my running fun with the different skirts that are available.
I like that I can keep everything I need to run within the different pockets. I get excited at races when I see others wearing Bolder skirts because it’s like a big family reunion.
Now my goal is to get ladies out walking and eventually running to enjoy this world we live in and be the best they can be having fun doing it!

Sheree Wilson

My story is proof positive that it’s never too late to start a new journey in life.
I came from a not so healthy lifestyle (40 years of being a smoker) to running my first 5k in 2013 at 57 years old.
It was a night race with a party-like atmosphere that I ran with my daughter. I placed 5th in my age group. I was so amazed that the other runners, for the most part, were just ordinary people like me. All I could think about after that race was that if I trained really hard maybe I could place in the top 3 next time. I was hooked!
Since that first race, I have run many distances and types of races from 5K’s up to 50K’s. From obstacle races to a Ragnar race and paved races to trail races. In 2017 I broke the State record for the 50K for my age and in 2018 I set the 30K record for my age.
Like most runners I know, I have had setbacks and comebacks. The important thing is to take care of yourself and get back out there.
I currently am so honored to be a part of:
1. Missouri Team Beef 2017
2. Fit Mom Strong Mom Ambassador 2019
3. Springfield Brewing Company Athletics 2019
4. Half Fanatics 2019
5. Team Beachbody Coach 2019
6. Honey Stinger Ambassador 2020
7. Bolder Athletic Wear Ambassador 2020
8. Hogeye Ambassador 2020
9. Joplin Area Roadrunners Ambassador 2020

Tia Pettygrue

T-I-A = Training In Action!
RRCA Level 2 Certified Running Coach
Phone: 813-235-8685

I've been endurance running since 2009. I started to lose weight but realized I actually enjoyed running. I ran my first Half Marathon in November 2009 and less than 90 days later, I completed my first Full Marathon. Since then, I've completed a total of 10 Marathons, over 150 Half Marathons, and a Triathlon. I've a Level 2 RRCA Run Coach and virtually coach people all over the country and always tell them about Bolder Athletic! I also serve as the National Coach for Black Girls Run!.My husband and I enjoy traveling for races.
I discovered Bolder Athletic in 2013.  I was surprised how much I liked the skirts, as you couldn’t pay me money to wear a tutu at a race, and in everyday life, I hate wearing skirts and dresses.  But I immediately fell in love with the Bolder skirts.  The shorts underneath make all the difference.  They’re SO comfortable, I tell people it’s like wearing pajamas.  And the pockets are huge.  Once I started wearing them, I will only do my half and full marathons in them!  They’re so comfortable and the Swingstyle is my favorite but I love the Casual fit or Fluttercut for the hot summer days.  For a short girl (5’3”), I find them very flattering. I get compliments on my skirts all the time! I don’t just wear them at races, I wear them out and about because they’re so comfortable.
As a coach, I love helping people reach their goals.  I tell newer runners, if you can complete 3.1 miles, you can complete a half marathon.  And so many of them have done it! As a runner, I love the running community and how positive and welcoming it is! And I love running races!



Lindsey Paris

I am a self-professed "Dis-nerd" and a social media-savvy gal that wears her #Disneyside on her sleeve (along with her trading pin collection!). I profess my love for Bolder Athletic in everyday life. Whether I'm running around Walt Disney World or leading her Scout Pack, I'm going to be wearing a Swing Skirt and stashing snacks in the pockets! Aside from holding my MFA in costume design, I create content on and served on the Disney Parks Moms Panel. I particularly love sharing off-the-beaten-path activities and always encourage my friends to try something new. Adventure is out there!


 Jen Desideri


I began exercising in 2008 because I wanted to lose 15 pounds and quickly learned that the mental health benefits of exercise far exceeded the physical changes that it provided me.
I ran my first road race in 2009, my first half marathon in 2010, and was up to 238 half marathons and 46 states when the lockdowns began. And now more than any time in my life exercise helps maintain my mental health.
But exercise can also mean looking fabulous while doing it! I discovered Bolder Athletic (formerly SparkleSkirts) somewhat late in the game - 2016 - and have a bunch of photos of me prior to that in some rather boring running attire! But once I put on my first skirt, I was hooked! It was the shorts underneath and the three pockets that made all the difference to me, the shorts being extremely comfortable and not riding up (thigh chafing became a thing of the past) and able to carry everything I wanted on a run or walk. But besides being convenient and well-fitting, the skirts were FUN!! Whether flowers, stripes, rainbows, solid colors - the list goes on and on - I found myself crazy about the different designs and cool patterns that Bolder Athletic produced.

I love exercising, but it wouldn't be quite so enjoyable for me without a BOLD, vibrant outfit to go along with my fitness regimen. Every day, I look forward to putting together a fun (and sometimes crazy) ensemble - which ALWAYS includes a Bolder Athletic skirt - and setting off on my sweat-breaking morning walk, possibly garnering a smile or two from a passerby along the way.

Lourdes Garcia

I'm a native New Yorker transplanted to South Florida. I work in healthcare and prior to healthcare I used to work as a Sign Language interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing. I ran cross country in high school (besides playing drums in marching band) and ran my first full NYC marathon when I was 22 and again at 27. Then I moved to South Florida. I hooked up with the local running club and started doing halfs (the heat and humidity is unbearable mostly year-round). 
In 1989 I had a knee injury and my PT mentioned cycling. In order to cross-train and give my knee a break, I took up road cycling and loved it. I have competed in various road cycling events such as Cross Florida (189 miles in 9.35 minutes in 2000 and 8:22 minutes in 2002) and various charity rides such as MS and others. In 2010 I was challenged to do NYC again and started training. I completed the-half in under 3 hours mostly walking. From then on I ran Ft Lauderdale A1A, Miami Marathon, and others in South Florida.
Our church running group decided to do the Miami Marathon again. I met a young lady around mile 9 who was wearing a lovely skirt and we started talking and she said Bolder Sparkle Skirts. After the race, I think the very next day I placed my first order for 2 skirts. Love the pockets and design. They stay put, no ride up, I can fit what I need in the pockets. I wear SwingTall for work, SwingStyle for running. I have 14 skirts and wear them to church, events, work, mostly everywhere. I am one of the administrators on a multi-sport group that has been competing together since 2015.
I like encouraging new riders and runners in our team to go explore. Be BOLDER and try different events. Four of us ladies in the group competed in a gravel race last October. Mud, gravel, and plenty of challenging trails later we made it under the time limit. Not even a scratch on us. The guys were a different story.
Now that we are in the midst of Covid-19 (unfortunately in S. Florida) it's challenging to keep the team motivated. We run or ride on our own but we share information and many zoom meetings to stay in contact.
I'm looking forward to sharing information about Bolder Athletic Wear and the wonderful skirts and products with the team. My favorite saying is Believe you can and you are halfway there!


Jayme Neuymer

Hi!  My name is Jayme and I turned 40 this year. I got into walking for fitness in 2017 to try to lose some weight and gain stamina and joined some amazing virtual running communities for motivation.  When a runner friend offered to walk a glow run 5K with me that year, I got hooked on races, both virtual and live!  I walked my first live 10K and Half Marathon in 2018 and have two Half Marathons planned for this fall, including my first Disney Challenge (5K, 10K and Half over three consecutive days). I just started running intervals this spring, so I am slowly transitioning from walker to runner!!

My Bolder Athletic Wear (formerly SparkleSkirts) has been a constant for my walks/runs and my everyday life. They even got me through my first half marathon in the pouring rain with no chafing and the pockets are huge and amazing!  I don't even wear shorts anymore, once warm weather gets here I live in my Bolder Skirts for everything from amusement park visits to work in the office or at home!  I am looking forward to reaching my goals and looking cute doing it! :)

Kim Meissner 

I love pickleball, running, my family and Disney!  You can find me chasing my kids around or playing pickleball with my friends when I’m not at work.  I try to play as often as possible. 

Nancy Gross

Nancy Gross, 62.  We retired and  relocated 2 years ago from Syracuse, NY to The Villages, FL. I absolutely LOVE wearing my Bolder Athletic Wear nearly everyday!  I golf, do cardio drumming and walk my Havanese, Bianca. I also do watercolor painting, sew and do machine embroidery.  

Heather DiFabio


Hi! I’m Heather and I’m what we so lovingly call an adult onset runner. Up until I was 35, if I was running, you better run too because something was chasing me. Then, my brother started running. I figured if he could do it, then I could, too. I started the couch to 5k program and ran my first 5k in October of 2014. I ran off and on for the next few years.


Then, in 2018 I discovered RunDisney. That’s when my running journey really started.  In thinking of a costume for my first ever half marathon, I discovered Bolder Athletics (then Sparkle Skirts). They have running skirts with shorts attached AND it would complete my costume? I need one. It quickly became one of my favorite pieces of running attire and comfortably got me through my first half marathon (and quite a few since then). I decided to test myself again in January of 2020 to run my first marathon. I knew the only thing I’d run in would be a Bolder skirt. The weather was record setting heat and humidity in Florida, but my Bolder skirt got me through without any problem. Bolder skirts have gotten me through both my first half and my first full marathons. My favorite thing about them? THE POCKETS! The pockets fit everything, but they’re not bulky. During my marathon, I carried my phone, my headphones, my sunglasses, 5 gels, and a bag of pretzels with no bounce and no discomfort. And everything is easily accessible!!
I’m still moving onward and upward in my journey, but I know that most of the time will be spent in Bolder Athletic wear!

Denise Crider


Hi there!  I’m Denise!
I have enjoyed running for over 28+ years, starting in high school, and continuing now, many years later.  I’m also a 25 year cancer survivor, and that provides a big appreciation for good health!
Since turning 47 ten years ago, I have run 12,000+ miles, 16 marathons, 29 half marathons, completed the Dopey Challenge, plus many other race distances.  I am very involved with Team in Training, participating in 11 events to date.  I’m currently a “TNT” Coach for the 2022 runDisney Marathon Weekend.  I am also a HUGE lover of runDisney events, having participated in eight Disney Marathon Weekends (and many other runDisney weekends!)
I am a strong believer that it is never too late to pursue your dreams and goals.  I returned to school to change careers in my early 50’s, and now work as a Physical Therapist Assistant at the largest hospital in Georgia.  Working part-time (another life choice) allows me the ability to pursue my running passion more fully: to run, to coach runners, and to blog about running!
I also have a passion for fun running clothes!  I honestly put more thought into running attire (sometimes) than my “day clothes!”  I absolutely love Bolder Athletics skirts as they are FUNctional, and so comfortable!  I wear them to train, to race, and have found they’re exceptional for visiting Disney Parks!  


Dana Rogers

My name is Dana and I am in love with Bolder Athletic Wear.  I was introduced to Bolder Athletic Wear when I was looking for a running outfit for my first runDisney Princess Challenge weekend.  I purchased a red and white polka dot skirt and I was HOOKED!  The skirt was so comfortable and the pockets were perfect.  I am tall, so having long lengths is just what I need! I am currently training for the runDisney Dopey Challenge and have been wearing  the SwingStyle and FlutterCut skirts on warm days and the DART Leggings during the cold Ohio months.  The DART leggings are the first leggings that stay in place (oh and, again, the POCKETS!). 
Speaking of pockets- I use them to hold my hydration and nutrition so I no longer have to wear a hydration vest/belt during long runs. 
I have run over a dozen half marathons, one full marathon and many shorter distance races.  I was an avid runner many years ago but my passion was put on hold as I have children, am a Nurse Practitioner, and run a business.  In the last year, I have found time to escape the chaos and start training again.  I am excited for the upcoming challenge of 48.6 miles in 4 days!
One of the most notable running adventures I have participated in is called The 24 in 24.  This event is set up to run 1 mile, every hour, for 24 hours.  The event starts at noon on Saturday and ends at noon on Sunday.  It tests mental and physical strength as well as endurance.  The purpose of this event is to raise money for a charity called A Special Wish Cleveland.  This organization benefits children with chronic diseases with the goal of making their hopes & dreams come true.  While I have run longer distances in less time, this was the most meaningful event that I have ever been a part of. I am excited to make this a part of my annual running routine. 
I am thankful to be a part of the Bolder Athletic Wear organization and will continue to raise money, train and promote healthy living through my passion for running.  As I do these things, I will be comfortable and looking good in my favorite running skirts!


Laura Bishop

I ran my first half marathon in 2010 in Utah and got introduced to the running world. I became hooked and soon completed a half in all 50 states. Not only was it fun to travel but I felt cute doing it. I love to try and coordinate my race outfits with the theme of the race. With so many patterns of the Bolder Choice skirts there’s never an issue.
I felt like I need another goal after finishing the states so I decided to try and complete all half marathons in Colorado. I’m at 178/186. Overall I’ve done 330+ half marathons and I’m enjoying every minute of it.
I have a true passion of exploring new places and seeing how beautiful the world really is. I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams.
I’m also trying to visit all National Parks 52/63. The Bolder Choice skirts are perfect for hiking with the huge pockets. Adventure Awaits!


Jennifer McDonald

I started running in January 2015 after reading an article about things everybody should do once. Running a 5k was on the list. Since Gasparilla was coming up, I signed up for the 5k at a friend’s urging. I ran the race with a guy I dated a few times. After running the race, surrounded by thousands of other runners, I was hooked on running. The relationship didn’t last, but my love of running was just starting.
I ran a bunch of races from 5k-10k for a couple of years. I then decided I was going to train for a half marathon. As I ran in Florida, the sweat marks on shorts and capris were embarrassing. I started buying skorts to hide the sweat. I had seen SparkleSkirts at the Health and Fitness Expo for the first Gasparilla I’d run in, and thought they were cute running skirts, but didn’t buy any for another two years. I kept seeing those SparkleSkirts locally, and after running my first half marathon, I went to SparkleSkirt headquarters and bought three skirts.
I love going out and meeting new people in the running community. Running has given me confidence I never knew I had. I have met many great people on my running journey and become friends with a few ladies who have decided we’re going to try to run a half marathon in all 50 states.  
Along the way I have been wearing my SparkleSkirts, now Bolder Skirts, with their great prints and awesome pockets. Women ask about them and I’m always happy to show them off.
I wear these great skirts for running, hiking, errands around town, and church.
These skirts look great, and give women a confidence that we really can do things we set our minds to. 


Jess Welsh

Hi, my name is Jess. I never thought I could be a runner. I have struggled with weight throughout my life. I never could even complete the mile run in school fitness tests. Because the rock and roll part sounded fun, I signed up for my first race, the Rock & Roll Half Marathon Virginia Beach in 2006 and did basically a Couch to Half Marathon plan, and never looked back!   
I have lost over 50 lbs and still going. I enjoy running for the sense of accomplishment with pushing myself toward new goals, meeting new friends on the course, and being out in nature with my Siberian husky Lyra.
discovered Bolder Athletic (then SparkleSkirts) in 2013 at my first full marathon at Disney when I saw other runners in the cutest skirts. I love the designs and soon experienced they are the best running shorts that never ride up and, of course, the amazing pockets to carry enough gear to get me through any length race. Bolder Athletic is my go to brand since!
Since 2006, I have completed 77 races, including 44 half marathons in 19 states and 25 full marathons in 18 states, 5 marathons in 5 states in 5 days, Goofy Challenge, and my first trail 25K.
I am a member of Half Fanatics/Marathon Maniacs/Double Agents. I am a fan of the Galloway run/walk method. We’ve since moved to the gorgeous Pacific Northwest and are enjoying the many beautiful trails in our area. 
My current goals are to finish both half and full marathons in all 50 states, to run a 50K, to complete the Dopey challenge, and to continue to run/walk, enjoy nature, explore the country, and make new friends for many years to come.

Jennifer Smith

I am a big fan of all things Disney and frequent the theme parks most weekends. I wear Bolder Athletic gear almost every day-even when I am dressed for my career in medical sales. I have completed over 50 half marathons and 8 marathons. I am currently chasing the Abbott World Majors and getting ready for the Boston Marathon. I fell in love with the running community almost 10 years ago and have never looked back.
I am passionate about helping families who have children diagnosed with autism. My son was diagnosed with autism at the age of two and I know how difficult the world is to navigate. My intention for 2022 is to make a difference in the lives of teens and young adults struggling with autism. When I attend outreach events I proudly wear my Bolder Athletic skirts honoring autism. 
I have no idea how many skirts I own but it is definitely in the triple digits. I have a rule against counting them because I think if they make you feel good while wearing them you can never have too many. I hope to see you at a race or the Orlando theme parks “Living your life Bolder!”   


Christina Pires

I began my weight loss journey at 304 lbs. I had the gastric sleeve surgery done and began running in 2018. I have ran countless 5K and 10K races and have completed my 6th half marathon. I am currently training for my first full marathon.

Tracey Roth

Hi there! I’m Tracey. I am a self-proclaimed “turtle” who LOVES my Bolder Athletic Wear skirts! I started “running” in 2018 after moving to Florida and meeting a group of friends who were runDisney fanatics. I’ve always been a big walker and was told that the runDisney 5Ks were walker friendly, so it became a goal to do the Wine and Dine 5K that year. I started the Couch to 5K program and found the Galloway running method and was on my way…

At the Wine and Dine Expo, I stopped by the Bolder Athletic Wear (then Sparkle Skirts) booth and was told once I started running in these skirts, I’d never run in anything else.  I’m not sure who said that but were they ever right!  I’ve now completed in 7 half marathons along with several 5Ks and 10Ks and three runDisney challenges…. all while wearing these wonderful running skirts!
In addition to running, you can find me wearing my Bolder Athletic Wear skirts out and about every day.  Ask anyone who knows me... when I'm not running, 9 times out of 10, you’ll still find me in one of these skirts. I even have every color in the Professional Collection for when I used to work in an office!  I'm always telling people about the pockets (usually demoing by pulling my phone out of one.)  I refuse to run in anything else!  I am so thankful to have found these skirts shortly after I started running as I'm not sure I would have been able to complete all the races I have to date without them.  I'm currently training for Dopey (which will also be my first full marathon) and the first thing I bought (even before new shoes) was Bolder Athletic Wear capris and leggings so I would be able to wear those if it is cold in January.  That’s how important this brand is to me!



Jessica Jasinski

My running journey began in 2013, when my husband told me “you can’t run a 5k”, of course I had to prove him wrong! After my first 5k I joined a local running group that convinced me to run a half marathon 3 weeks later and a Full marathon 3 months later. I found Bolder Athletic skirts during this time when searching for shorts that would no ride up! Once I completed my first full I hung up my shoes and walked away from running!  November 2021 I received an email promotion reminding runners to sign up for the shamrock 50th anniversary race. Immediately, I signed up for the dolphin challenge (8k plus half marathon) and then proceeded to order a new FlutterCut skirt. As soon as I started training I remembered why I stopped running, I had no joy in it. I needed running buddies to encourage me, pray with me and yell if needed. We started a little group we coined “sole sisters” and these women helped me find my joy in running.  March 2022 - Shamrock time- I ran solo but my sole sisters were in my ear sending messages and encouraging me to do it, finish it strong and not to give up. With their help I finished and PRed.  With this group we have ran 5 half marathons in 2022 and currently training for the Charlotte marathon and dipping our toes in triathlons, we plan to complete our first half Ironman in 2023.
Being a mother, wife and nanny, it is hard to find time to train but if you find a group of friends to train with it will never feel like work!  PS: my husband learned never to tell me I can’t do anything, he is also my biggest cheerleader!  

Katie McNamara  

I was born and raised in Chicago. 10 years ago I moved to Florida where I live with my family which includes our two crazy cats Ozzie and Zoey. In October 2011, just before moving, I was inspired by my sister who was training for the Hot Chocolate 5k, and started the Couch to 5k program. Not long after, I discovered the WDW Radio Running Team. which raises money for the Make a Wish Foundation of America through the Dream Team Project
In January 2012, I ran my first race with the team:  the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 5k.  After that race, one of my teammates told me that I would be back for the half marathon and I laughed. But he was right - I ran my first half marathon the following January.  Since then, I've run a handful of 5ks and 10ks, 20+ half marathons and 1 full marathon. 
In 2020 and 2021, a lot live races were cancelled, but I ran more miles than I have in any other year - every single mile in my Bolder skirts!

Ruby Cline-Eaton


I'm a Chapter 67 Athlete! My daughter Bobbie introduced me to Bolder [formerly SparkleSkirts] a few years ago and I LOVE them [sometimes we match]! I have competed in several 5K's, a few 10K's, and will start training for my first Half [2023 Flying Pig] soon... 
I tend to have a long stride so prefer the SwingStyle so that my legs don't feel constricted. I wear my Bolder skirts during 95% of my activities which include walking/running/hiking/biking, going to the gym and while doing my job as a race photographer. Not only can you bring along hydration & fuel, phone, keys, money in all the pockets you can also hold all your photography supplies if needed!
I love it when at a race I see other Bolder Babes wearing skirts, it's like a family reunion! I look forward to promoting and showing off my skirts as a Bolder Ambassador!


Lynn Tabor 


My fitness journey really started back in 2017. I had a partial thyroidectomy and needed to lose weight. I found an amazing group online running club on FB and was so encouraged by them. I lost weight, gained physical endurance and completed more virtual events than I could have imagined. 


Going from sedentary to 155 miles in 10 days took a lot of hard work and dedication. This group also introduced me to then SparkleSkirts. My first skirt were my HRC SwingTall and then Courage House Lad’s Kilt. I also gained the nickname Best Dressed Lion as I am always sharing my outfits in our groups.


I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in both knees and it is now more than ever, really important to keep fit and active. I also want to lead by example for our daughter, Miss V.  We both love working out in all of Bolder Athletic Wear. It also is a good way to stay connected as we talk about everything when we are walking.  It makes the miles and time go so much quicker. Of course we love sharing our (sometimes crazy) outfits with friends, family and as we call them “friends that live in our computer”.    

I am really looking forward to some live races with Miss V and what skirt/shorts/capris that we can come up with.  


Sherry Marcotte

I started running 9 years ago after my husband mentioned we should run a half marathon! I never dreamed it would become what it is today! 23 marathons and 63 half marathons later, it’s my favorite thing to do! This fall I’m taking on 2 more Abbott World Majors. 

Running has been my stress reliever, problem solver and it’s brought so many amazing people into my life!

If I’m not at a race, you can find me at the beach or at parks sporting one of my amazing Bolder custom skirts!


Kim Harding


My fitness journey began in 2011 when I lost over 100 pounds through diet and exercise. I was regularly walking several times per week. I slowly started to pick my feet up a bit and discovered I could run….and I loved it! I completed my first official 5K in 2012. After several health setbacks for a few years in 2017 I was healthy enough to run again. I found a local Couch to 5K program to start again, and the rest is history. I went from the couch to a half marathon in 6 months, to a full marathon in a year, to a 50 miler in 2 years and I completed my first 100 miler in 2021. I primarily run/hike/crawl through ultramarathons now and I am always getting compliments on my cute skirts on the trails. I was first introduced to Bolder Skirts by my best friend who always ran in them. I thought I would try one and now I do not run in anything else! I also love traveling in them they are perfect for so many things!  You will catch me training in them or coaching/crewing runners at races in them. I am a certified Road Runners Club of America coach as well as a certified ultramarathon coach through the United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy. I absolutely love helping runners and walkers of all abilities train and achieve their own running or racing goals. 


Amanda Renkel  

Instagram @MaesMilesAndMusic


"My run journey began in 2013 when a friend asked if I wanted to run a half marathon with him. I had moved to Nashville, TN the year before for college and noticed plenty of “13.1” magnets on cars around the city. My answer was, “yes, I want a magnet!

I quickly found that long-distance running was something I truly enjoyed. After years in high school of being the slower runner during winter track season, I realized that I could run further than I ever imagined.

By December 2014 I ran my first marathon for the children of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  By the same time the following year, I had run 3 marathons in less than 90 days to qualify as a Marathon Maniac

I’ve now run more than 10 marathons and 10 half marathons. It’s a sport that helps me stay healthy, happy, and excited about what race I’ll be able to tackle next.

Along the way, I’ve made many run friends who’ve helped transform my run journey. My first training pace leader ran in a skirt each week. Her skirts were especially because they had GIANT pockets that could fit everything: fuel, phone, keys, wallet. I was amazed. That’s when I learned about SparkleSkirts, or what we all know and love today - Bolder Athletic Wear.

I run all of my races exclusively in Bolder skirts because of the comfort and convenience. I can honestly say I have never had the shorts roll up my legs so I’ve avoided a lot of painful chafing. The pockets hold everything I need to race confidently and I never worry if I’ve dropped my car key on the course. They’re also incredibly adorable. With so many patterns and styles, I really believe everyone would be happier running in a Bolder Athletic Wear skirt!


Nicole Jourdan

Hi I’m Nicole, I'm 46 years young and I live in Thousand Oaks, CA. I am also a long distance trail runner. I wasn’t always a runner. My journey began back in May 2011, Mother’s Day actually. I decided to go for a "run" while my family finished up making my gift. I really did have running shoes, workout clothes, any type of timing device. So I put on some sweats and my Chucks.

I made it out the door, turned left and barely and I mean barely, made it to the corner which was probably less than 100 yards away. I decided that day I was going to do something, something big for me. I came home and started looking into running and saw that 6 months later there was a half marathon in Las Vegas and I thought, I can do that! And it's in Vegas, no need to pull anyone's leg to join, who doesn't love Vegas? Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was a stay at home mother of two small children, and still struggling with all the weight I gained while pregnant. The next 6 months changed me. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. I ran that half marathon, which if you aren't aware is at night down the middle of the Las Vegas Strip!!! What better way to begin what I know now will be a part of the rest of my life. Yes, I am addicted.


Fast forward to today… I have run well over 100 races, mostly marathon distance or longer. I am now an ultra runner. I like to say the 50ks are my jam. I am currently training for my first 100 mile race which will take place in November 2022 and in October 2022 I will have run every day for 2 years straight!


I discovered Bolder Skirts (then Sparkle Skirts) by asking another lady what she was wearing because I absolutely thought it was adorable and I needed one! Obviously, I have never looked back. I own in upwards of 50, well that may be a conservative guess, probably 75. I love everything about them.

That they are made in Florida. The pockets, the flare, the colors, the fit. I couldn’t imagine continuing on my running journey without them.


Karen McKinley

I discovered BAW formerly SS) when running Space Coast in 2015. Since then, I've worn Bolder skirts at all my races (Grand Canyon, Zion, Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, Grandma's Marathon, Disney, Merida Mexico, etc) and for both daily wear and travel. Here is a few photos for fun!  
I am a member of Independent Princesses, Moms on the Run, Half Fanatics, South of the River Endurance Club, Moms Run this Town, Sparkle Fan Zone, Half Twisted Runners, My Running Buddies and more. 


Donna Reese


My name is Donna Reese and I live in Central Pennsylvania. I am an avid Pickleball player and found Bolder Athletic Wear while looking for the perfect pickleball attire. I have found that the Bolder skirts are the perfect attire for any activity I am involved in. This year I joined my niece who is thru-hiking the Appalachian trail and had several hikers comment and show interest… luckily I had my little cards in my handy little short pocket! I wear my gear on the boat, hiking, biking and out to dinner, and particularly… playing pickleball! I love that these skirts come in all sizes and patterns.


I am the owner of Pickleball Visions, LLC - a company that helps pickleball clubs organize their play and I run pickleball tournaments. I look forward to making a Bolder statement at all my upcoming pickleball tournaments!

So much to do…so little time - but having great active wear to choose from makes life a little easier!



Valor Foy Jones

Greetings, My name is Valor. I've been running for what seems like forever, but only been in love with Bolder for the last 4 years now. My love for running started in high school, then U.S. Army for 26+ years and now in retirement.  
I've run many races all the up to ultras, but my favorite is the 5K..hence the name 5K fanatic. I like to get out there get it done and be on my way back home. 
Hope to see many of you on the pavement soon.

Barbara Rausch

Hi everyone! My name is Barbara and let me tell you a little about my weight loss journey before I started wearing Bolder Athletic Wear skirts.
I had always been up and down with my weight all my life. I got married in 1997 and weighed about 225lb on my 5’7” frame. After that, I lost 75lbs and maintained that after the birth of my first child. I had another child a couple of years later. I lost weight but never got down to where I was. Fast forward to 2008, my weight had ballooned to over 300lbs. I never felt rested and couldn’t figure out why I had gained 80lbs in a year. After some blood work, I found out that I had Hypothyroidism at age 42. No wonder, I had gained so much weight. My doctor put me on thyroid medication that I will take for the rest of my life. During this time, I was still out walking and hiking with my kids and husband, but I still was not able to lose much weight. I was still over 300lbs. 
In March 2010, I had Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery to lose weight. This surgery was not taken lightly. I knew that this surgery would be a life long commitment to keep the weight off. I was ready. I wanted to see my kids grow up and I could not do that where I currently was. Well, over 12 years later I have maintained a 135-140 pound loss. I’m happy and healthy.
Now, I bet you are wondering how I’ve kept the weight off? In 2014 when my daughter started cross country in high school, I would drop her off at the park for the conditioning. I would then walk while they ran. The coach suggested I join them for run/walk intervals and the rest is history. I ran my first 10k in 2015 and my first half marathon the next year. Going to the local running events earned me a whole new group of friends whom I love. 

in 2018, I began to notice ladies wearing cute skirts at the races that I attended. At this lime, I was wearing compression shorts. These shorts kept loose skin in place from all the weight I had loss. The ladies explained to me that these awesome skirts were called Sparkle Skirts and they had compression shorts that didn’t ride up and stayed put while also looking very cute and stylish. They also had a waist zippered pocket and shorts’ pockets. I went to the Sparkle Skirt website which is now Bolder Athletic Wear and bought the Feline Fine skirt. I absolutely love how it fit and immediately became hooked. Four years later, I have many, MANY, MANY Bolder Athletic Wear skirts. Those wonderful skirts have propelled me through 10 marathons, countless 5ks and 10ks, and currently 125 half marathons. I am a Half Fanatic and will reach the Sun Level in August 2022 which means I ran 52 half marathons in 365 days. 

Here’s the best part of the last four years since Bolder skirts entered my life: The fabulous friends that I have now. Many are online friends that I I have met through the skirt groups. A few of those online friends I have met in person. This never would have happened without Bolder. Now, last but certainly not least, my fellow skirt enabler, Jen D.  who I met in person at a local race before the pandemic, but became best buddies while we coordinated our outfits during The Lockdown era. We kept each other sane when we wouldn’t do anything but wear our skirts and walk. Jen is a wonderful friend that I will have for life. 


Leilani Russel

Hi, my name is Leilani! I am 69 years old, married and live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I have been an athlete all my life through swimming, running, softball, volleyball and now through pickleball. My husband George and I discovered pickleball about 6 years ago. We fell in love with the sport and over the years have gotten pretty good. Not as good as we’d like but we are almost 4.0 level. We play in quite a few tournaments up and down the East Coast. In fact, we qualified for the National Senior Olympics in Pittsburgh in July 2023.

In a quest to buy a great pickleball skirt, I have acquired quite a few cheap skirts through Amazon and one through another Bolder competitor. None work!  Why? Because the pants ride up, the waist doesn’t come up far enough or the sizing is way off. Then I found Bolder skirts at a Florida pickleball tournament and it was a game changer!  Finally a skirt where the waist came up high enough and the pants stayed down. I bought two and fell in love! I now have over 12 skirts and pants! 

I am a BIG FAN and promote these skirts everywhere I play pickleball. In March 2023, my husband and I were privileged to visit Bolder Headquarters and Production facility in Plant City, FL. What a treat to meet the owners and workers. Everyone is so happy to work at Bolder and it is such a colorful place with all the different skirts, fabrics and thread colors. It made me think I want to come out of retirement and apply for a job at Bolder. I love supporting this company and the fact that Bolder products are made in the USA and fit properly. Go Bolder!  It’s the only way to go!


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