How Gina Learned NOT to Hate Running

Zero Point ZeroGina Kay hated running. Having never been particularly active, she went to great lengths to avoid running. In middle school, she befriended the PE coach and became the trusted roll-taker and assistant, which involved zero physical activity.

It wasn’t until she was in her 40s with two kids and a demanding full-time job—and the weight that often comes with those life accomplishments—that she resolved not to hate running.

“I looked around and my friends with the fittest bodies were runners,” said Gina. So for her 2015 New Year's resolution Gina decided not to hate running. The first key to her success was removing the pressure.

“I didn't plan to run an hour a day or a marathon or anything else crazy, but I told myself I could learn to jog a little without hating it, and perhaps my body would show some benefits as well.”

Using a phone app Gina started a walk/run program, but she refused to push herself too hard. She didn't run faster than she was comfortable with or for longer than she had time. A few months into going at her own pace, without any looming pressure of upcoming races or distances, the strangest thing happened: she found herself looking forward to running!

It wasn’t because her body immediately began to trim down, first comes muscle gain, then weight loss. It wasn’t even the running camaraderie, though that would come soon. Running gave Gina more energy and time to unwind.

Having discovered the first secret, pressure-free running, Gina soon unlocked a second secret to not hating running: SparkleSkirts. For the first months, she wore a clunky waist belt crammed with her phone, car key, lip balm, ID, and an assortment of other things. Gina was self-conscious about the “outdated fanny pack” look but convinced herself it was standard runner gear. Then she discovered Sparkle Skirts!

“The patterns! The variety! Once I discovered SparkleSkirts, choosing my outfit to go running, starting with which skirt I was in the mood to wear on any particular day, was motivational to me in getting out there and conquering miles,” said Gina.

She was also impressed by the leg cuffs that did not budge, even on her body, and all the pockets. Gina says with SparkleSkirts she can comfortably fit her phone, ID, credit card and cash, lip balm, mini-glide, several options for race nutrition and more, all without being visible to anyone.

“Everything is amazingly accessible but safe during a run—even a fast run!”

Since her January 1st “I will learn NOT to hate running” resolution, Gina has run several 5K races, a few 10Ks, and four half marathons! Never in her life did she imagine doing even one; now she is registered for several more.

Gina's SparkleAddiction“I'll be honest, there is one downside to SparkleSkirts: they are so amazing, they are addictive! They seem to multiply, and other formerly appreciated items in my closet have gone by the wayside to make room for more skirts!” Gina said she could go on and on about her beloved athletic skirts, but she has to run and the perfect skirt picked out to run them in!

Have you also overcome your aversion to running or anything fitness related? We’d love to share your tips and tricks! If SparkleSkirts have helped you achieve and further your fitness goals, you could be our next SparkleSister Spotlight!