Fluffy Fizzies & SparkleSkirts

Bath bombs and SparkleSkirts are the ultimate duo and the owner of Fluffy Fizzies, Pamela Allison can vouch for that.

The beginning of Fluffy Fizzies started in Allison’s kitchen counter at home, but now she’s opening her first store in Orlando this Saturday.

“I started making bath bombs because I enjoy using them myself, it was a fun experiment to try and to do things differently and one of my greatest satisfaction is to create bath products that mimic real-life objects,” Allison said.

Her personal favorite is her micro balls that can mix and match the scents in your tub and the dessert-themed bombs because people look at them and think they are real desserts. Allison loves to do more than just the typical bath bomb people are used to seeing.

The runDisney Princess Expo this year was a turning point for her business. After meeting everyone that visits and lives in Central Florida, Allison said she uprooted her family and moved to Florida to open her first storefront.

Her most popular product at the moment is the Bounce Back Cube that is a muscle recovery bath bomb that can be used after physical activity. There are essential oils used in them they are known for their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, Allison stated.

RunDisney has been a success for not only her Fluffy Fizzies but also for her comfort and style at work. Allison has been wearing her SparkleSkirts since she found the company at a runDisney race she’s been participating in since 2016.

“I literally wear my skirts every-single-day, whether I am working or not. The pockets are handy because I have my phone in one and my keys in the other, and they’re comfortable and stylish enough to wear in my shop,” Allison said.

Allison always wears the swing style and has the black Dreamweaver picked out for her grand opening this weekend. She also has various colored skirts for everyday wear.

“I wake up in the morning and put on my SparkleSkirt. Now that we live in Central Florida we can visit theme parks with our children, and the skirts are a lifesaver,” Allison said, “I don’t have to carry a bag with our credit cards, money, or any other necessities.”

Allison’s grand opening is this Saturday at Point Orlando, across from Main Event Entertainment at 9101 International Drive. Catch her selling her favorite Fluffy Fizzies and wearing her stylish SparkleSkirt!