Calculating the Perfect Workout Playlist

Music is a vital aspect of any successful workout. It boosts your energy, brightens your mood, and keeps you going when you feel like quitting. Many will simply choose their playlist each day based on their mood without putting much thought into the decision. Interestingly, the science behind music will help your workout in ways you may not even realize when you make your selections with a purpose. 

Our bodies sync with rhythms and beats without much thought on our part. This works in our favor when it comes to working out. Whether you need to increase your heart rate for a run or slow it down for some peaceful yoga, song selection is your best friend. The beats per minute (bpm) of a song set the tone for whatever activity you do. Using bpm to your advantage can be the push that you need to go farther in your fitness journey.

Increase performance levels

Want to improve your time or distance on the track? Complete more reps? Gradually increase the bpm of your playlist. Regulating your pace with songs that inspire you makes it easier to go farther and faster than you thought you could. Safely improving your average speed and endurance is not as difficult with some great tunes.

Provide distraction

Sometimes the only way to get through a workout is to think about literally anything other than what you are asking your body to do. The discomfort you feel is nothing compared to the awesome beat you’re listening to. Allow yourself to get lost in the song and you will find that it doesn’t seem like it takes as much effort to go through an exercise.

How to make it work for you

There is no perfect playlist that applies to everyone. Only you know what you can handle and what you need to focus on. Generally, a pace of 120-140 bpm is found to be preferred for running. If you want to get a good sprint going, 160-175 bpm is a great goal. Winding down or going through a mellow yoga practice with 50-60 bpm sets you up to be in a restful head space. It's important to listen to your body and let it guide you when you're making your selections. All-in-all, when you find your rhythm, you’ll know.