Bolder Skirts Make Great #CollegeColors

Whether you're celebrating #CollegeColorDay or just live for Saturdays and college football, Bolder skirts look awesome with a variety of team shirts! Don't forget our American-made athletic apparel have two 6x6" pockets within the built-in anti-ride shorts and a 12" zippered waistband pocket, plus they come in lots of different styles including a fitted athletic cut, longer style, and hybrid skirt that is perfect for golf or tennis.

Bolder Outfits

Bolder Outfits

Source for team colors: The Paper Framer.

Blue Royale

BlueRoyale rocks for Air Force Falcons, Boise State, Florida Gators, Kansas, Penn State and more! Please note the coloring varies depending on the lighting.

Enchanted Green

EnchantedGreen is awesome for putting together game day outfits for Colorado State, Marshall University, Michigan State, Oregon, and USF. 

Glass slipper

GlassSlipper is a great skirt choice for representing BYU, UNC, and UCLA.

GoldenRod works great for UCF Knights outfits, Army, Boston College, Colorado and Colorado State, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Idaho, Iowa, LSU, Maryland, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Navy, Notre Dame, Purdue, USF, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, and Wyoming.

powerful purple

PowerfulPurple work great for Clemson, Kansas State, LSU, New York State, Northwestern, Washington, and Weber.

Orange U Glad

Use OrangeUGlad for Baylor, Boise State, Clemson, Florida Gators, Idaho State, Miami, Oklahoma State, and popular college teams!

Salute Blue

SaluteBlue looks great for Arizona, Boise State, Duke, the Florida Gators, Georgetown, Kansas and more!

Shocking Red

ShockingRed will work with team tops for Arizona, Arkansas, Boston University, Indiana, Louisville, UMass, Mississippi, NC State, Nebraska, Ohio State, South Carolina, USC, Utah, Washington State, Wisconsin, and more!


Sunflower is great for Arizona State, Baylor, Colorado, Iowa, LSU, Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon, UCLA, and more!

Want to represent your team's colors even more? Add one or two glitter ribbons to your solid Bolder skirt (sold separately). Check out these examples!