How often does what you wear help you make friends?🔥🔥

“I love that whenever I see one or they see me, we always say hi and immediately find something to talk about.” ~Staci

In honor of #NationalMakeAFriendDay, we asked our BolderBuddies (FKA SparkleSisters) to tell us their stories about how a yard of spandex helped them make new friends and create a Bolder Bond! #BolderBuddies🔥🔥

Kellie Beckering:
I met Sherry Marcotte in a Bolder Buddies (FKA SparkleSkirts) Facebook group because we lived in the same area. We met in person for the first time at the Hot Chocolate St. Louis race. Spandex helped us develop a friendship that has taken us all over the world. From races at Disney to British Isles cruises. Most of the time we even drag our husbands along for the journey. 💖


Franklin Allen

At my first running event, I traveled to WDW to run with a woman I had never met - Kristine Lim. We met through social media and our shared love of Dobermans. She told me about these "skirts" she wore while running - behold, the Bolder Athletic Wear (FKA SparkleSkirts)! I was mesmerized by the pockets and the fabric choices. And, not only did I make one of my closest friends during the Star Wars race weekend, I met Kristine's super cool friends (many of whom are Bolder devotees on this page). Through Bolder and running, I have met some of the strongest, toughest, kindest, honest, and funniest women who support each other from all over the world! After a year of runDisney, my first marathon, and more laughter than I could possibly imagine, my Bolder collection has grown almost as quickly as the friendships I have made.


Kelly Pabs 
When I met Caitlin Rossi she always stood out with her colorful skirts, so I nicknamed her SKITTLES! Soon she had me addicted to the Bolder Athletic Wear & addicted to running ultras with her. We have shared many miles and smiles in our skirts. She is my #BolderBuddies
Megan Saunders 
So ours is a super funny one! At the innaugal Disneyland Paris race, my husband was wearing a team RWB shirt. he was running and spoke with Melinda Marble about team RWB. That afternoon after the race, we are wandering through the park and I complement a lady sitting on a bench by Space Mountian on her Sparkle/Bolder skirt! Turns out, that lady was Melinda and we became friends through skirts and coincidence! 
We’ve now met up in the middle of the Princess half and in Dublin, Ireland for dinner!
I never would have approached her in the park if she wasn’t wearing a Bolder skirt and I’m sure glad I did!


Jessie Jpaw Pawlish 
These lovely ladies have all met each other through the love of running and skirts. My mom Renee met Anna & Kelley who got her into the Bolder skirts. She then pulled me into the love of skirts and our soul sisters group continues to grow due to the love of not only running and skirts but of each other. Here's us at our annual Savannah running girls trip.


Jennifer Byers 
I met Sandra in early 2015 and we became fast friends. We have ran 25+ half marathons together, countless 10K’s and 5K’s. In 2018 I moved a block away from her because 20 minutes was too far away. We have countless matching Bolder skirts and most of our costumes revolve around our skirts. She’s definitely my best friend and the person I lean on the most.


Cheryl Mason Cheatham 
Four years ago, I was running BDR Jacksonville in January. I saw a woman in a Bolder Skirt (FKA SparkleSkirts) and said hello. I saw her again in February at the Donna half. Turns out, Anna Williams and I had a lot in common. She introduced me to a LOT of fun running friends in Jax, and they were kind enough to adopt me into their running group. I don’t get to see them much, living in SC, but I try to meet up a couple times a year. Elizabeth Campbell EngleKelley Bentley WarnerChristine Whitman-Benzenberg, and Jessie Jpaw Pawlish have been great long-distance running buddies and friends. I’m so thankful to Bolder Athletic Wear (FKA SparkleSkirts) for bringing us together.


Meghan Gorny
These fantastic ladies...... I met them through Facebook and our love of your Bolder skirts. They aren’t just friends anymore, they’re family!!!


Meredith Chambers
I have met so many amazing friends! We’ve gone through good times and bad, traveled around the country running! I even met and became close with my 2 bridesmaids because of Bolder Skirts (FKA SparkleSkirts)!


Jahnon Kreisler 
I have met so many amazing friends that have become family to me! I am thankful for both Sherry and Kellie! They are to listen and talk or tell you to run faster! I am thankful they push me to be the best person I can be and are there for me! I beyond grateful I know I will see them at a local race but even more fun when we can do a racecation together! I would be lost with out these two! I am thankful Bolder skirts brought us together!! #waymorethanspandex

Mandi Clark

I met the wonderful ladies of "Canadian SparkleSisters" at the Diva Half Marathon in Toronto in 2017. I was in line for the porta-potties (wearing one of my skirts- of course!!) when a group of ladies ran up to me, introduced themselves and welcomed me with open arms into their group! We meet up regularly at races, and I am lucky to call these women friends. Our next big meetup will be in Toronto at "Paws for the Polar Bear Cause" on February 22. We have something epic planned!!!!!


Maureen Foley Mills 
These ladies are my running friends whom I have met through the running store where I work - I think I have influenced them with the Bolder skirts! 😀🥰


Anne Darnell-Ashburn 
Cindy and I have been friends since high school. One of our favorite pastimes is sharing the pocket tour with others.



Virgilio C. Ramirez Jr. 
Leslie & I met through mutual Friends so many years ago! She’s been my parter-n-crime, my savior & support through my various challenges on & off our road journeys. Our stories mimic categories on the big screen: drama, comedy, horror, & even suspense. Example of horror & comedy are my constant friction issues during all my runs that forces me to use GLIDE between my thighs prior to every race! I NEVER BELIEVED in fancy shorts for men, but during our galavanting at the DONNA EXPO 2019, Leslie, a true believer and champion for SparkleSkirts and never runs a race without them, convinced me to get the signature DONNA shorts for men (they honor discounts for Military Vets BTW) and I am here to testify that I became a BELIEVER to the now “Bolder Athletic Wear brand,” saying farewell to those dreaded friction burns! True Friends in so many ways, I’ve lost count, and living truly by our word #bondedpair!
Melissa Lea 
I met one of my online acquaintances from the same state at a local race here in Albany, Oregon and she recognized me by the skirt I was wearing.


Sherry Herndon Warner 
All of these ladies wear Bolder, most of us met through a local group but a couple of us met through the skirt pages on FB. This is at my post race birthday celebration. We have celebrated, supported, loved, lost, and so much more together. Long runs in Bolder that end with brunch & mimosas are my favorite with them ❤️


Anna Williams 
I met Cheryl Mason Cheatham several years ago while running BDR in Jacksonville, Fl. Because of the Bolder skirts we struck up a conversation and became FB friends. In spite of the fact we live in different states we manage to meet up for races a few times a year. This photo is from the Charleston, SC half a few weeks ago and we will run Myrtle Beach together the first weekend in May! Long distance great friends that meet up a few times a year thanks to Bolder!


Jennie Wilfong 
My 2 best friends, Cheryl and Dawn, and I actually met through a moms running group... but it was our love for SparkleSkirts (at the time) that really connected us and was yet another thing we had in common... since we met 4 years ago, we have expanded our collections (me dramatically 🤣) and still run Bolder together... 
I love my tribe 💛 and especially that our tastes in fabric design varies so much... Bolder lets us express our individuality.

dori3669 I made my BRF @karenlynnobrien because I went to a tball game and we both happened to be wearing the skirts. It instantly started a conversation and we’ve now been running together for almost 2 years! 


karenlynnobrien @dori3669 and I met while our husbands coached t-ball together. She was soon to move a block away, but we knew we’d be friends since we were dressed nearly identically at the first game!

brandym I met @mrosario85 on a sparkle skirt Facebook page 6 years ago!!! She’s become one of my very closest friends even though age and distance could play a part they don’t. We’ve spent several Disney races together and she’s the little sister I never had. I haven’t run in almost 2 years and she’s inspired me to get back at it

 maltimberlake I was excited to meet so many great people when I worked the (then) SparkleSkirts booth at the Marine Corp Marathon! I was training for my first marathon and asked everyone under the sun the best tips for running a marathon and I got THE BEST advice. Sparkle/Bolder sisters are the best!


If you too have made a BolderBuddy through a yard of spandex, please share your story with us!