Becky...Our Bolder Catch Of The Day

Yesterday was National Go Fishing Day, making it the perfect day to feature our newest Bolder Spotlight, Becky! Becky is a shining example of how you really can do everything in Bolder. Who says fishing can’t be cute?? Let’s hang out with Becky for a bit on a day that fits her so well:
I am originally from Minnesota and grew up a total outdoorsy girl. I grew up fishing at my family’s cabin on the lake where my grandpa taught me to fish from my stroller! 

 Young Becky in stroller

My family moved to Florida in 1998 and I cannot say I miss the snow. My Bolder Skirt journey actually began during a race expo where I was introduced to the best piece of running clothing I have ever owned, the WillRun4 cupcake skirt. From that day on I never ran another race without my Bolder Skirts. I have completed 24 half marathons and I am looking forward to finishing number 25 in a Bolder Skirt.

Becky running a half marathon in a Bolder skirt

Becky holding her medals wearing a Bolder skirt

The more I wore the skirts for running and realized just how much stuff I can fit into those fabulous pockets I started to wear my skirts off the race course. I wore them to the theme parks to hold my phone and sunglasses, they are great for riding rides and not losing anything. I even started to wear them FISHING!! 

Becky holding a fish on a line while wearing a Bolder skirt

My family and I have always used fishing as a way to bond and get active outdoors together. Whether I am bank fishing at the lake or offshore fishing in the Atlantic Ocean, I know the Bolder Skirt can withstand the elements. 

Becky on a boat holding a fish while wearing a Bolder skirt

Becky on a dock holding a fish while wearing a Bolder skirt

And those amazing pockets hold all my fishing gear, from the pliers to my fishing glove (fish are slimy, yuck) to extra lures. The pockets help me stay hands free when I am reeling in the big catch of the day. The best part of wearing my Bolder Skirts while fishing is how adorable I look, I definitely think it helps attract the fish! 

Becky holding a fish wearing a Bolder skirt

Becky posing with Baby Yoda while wearing a Bolder skirt

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