Finding Balance as a Running Mom

by Kimberly S., Guest SparkleSkirts Blogger, Fit Disney Mom Blogger

We let the kids join us for a local Halloween 5k.Like many Moms, I struggle to find the perfect balance between my hobbies and motherhood. Sometimes the balance happens to come naturally and other times I tend to focus on one thing. I'm a work in progress!

This seems to be a constant struggle for Moms who run. Running Moms are a passionate group of runners who need running in our lives.  I'm sure others around us would agree that we need it too!  It's a gift to ourselves, but sometimes we have a hard time fitting it into our busy schedules.

I've learned to let go of the Mommy guilt and prioritize running. I'm a better Mom and Wife when I've taken care of myself.

I've found it's possible to balance running with motherhood, with a few tips and tricks:
  • Train with other Moms who understand busy schedules and sleepless nights. Moms Run This Town has local running chapters of Moms who met up and train. 
  • Let the kids join you! I use a jogging stroller and push my 2 year old when the weather is nice. He enjoys the time outside and it's an opportunity for us to bond. If your kids are older, let them run beside you for speed drills. Kids love running.
  • Vary your training schedule. It can be hard to only train for marathons that require constant long runs. If you vary your race distances, it'll be easier to balance with family. 
Don't try to be a perfect runner and "Super Mom". Give yourself a break when you need it. Strive for consistency with running over perfection.

Running Moms have to stick together. It's the perfect hobby for quick relief of sleepless nights and afternoons filled with homework. So next time you're at a race and don't know anyone, look for a Sparkle Sister. She may be a running Mom as well!

What tips and tricks work for you? Let us know in the comments!

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