New SparkleSkirts Guest Bloggers!

Exciting news for the New Year! SparkleSkirts has two new SparkleSister bloggers who will share their SparkleSkirt addiction, fitness journeys, and life stories right here on our blog. We want to provide you, our beloved SparkleFamily, with content that helps you grow, makes you laugh, and builds an even stronger bond with your fellow SparkleSisters. So, tell us what's on your mind. What content do you want to see from our lovely bloggers?

Meet Anna K.

I am a 51 year young woman and work as a librarian. I have two sons, 24 and 22, who live in Baltimore, MD. I started running in the Spring of 2012 after returning from Walt Disney World on Leap Day. Ironically, I was waiting in line at the Magic Kingdom for a photo opportunity at 2 am in the morning and overheard women talking about the Princess Half Marathon. I started a conversation with them about that and thought I really want to run this race in 2013. I came home, found a local running group and trained for a 5k and was hooked on running. Since then, I have run many races including the Princess Half Marathon in February 2013!

I found SparkleSkirts at the Princess Half Marathon Expo and volunteered to help at the booth. Leah, Tom and the ladies were just wonderful and magical! Of course, not only did I fall in love with them and their products, but I bought my first SparkleSkirt: Aurora. Then came Girlfriend. I have not stopped buying them! My current SparkleSkirts collection is at 35 skirts...and counting.

Say Hello to Kimberly S.

I am a wife and mom living and blogging in Atlanta, GA. I grew up staying very active as a dedicated ballerina. I eventually turned that passion into a B.A. in Dance from Kennesaw State University. Dance introduced me to teaching Pilates and I am a certified Power Pilates instructor and own a studio.

Being a part of the fitness industry has introduced me to many runners and I love hearing about their weekend races. I discovered RunDisney events through Pinterest and signed up for my first half marathon in 2013–The Disney Princess Half Marathon. I fell in love with RunDisney. It combined by love for Disney geekery with my new running passion. I hadn’t run a timed mile since high school. I went outside and ran 12 min/mile and walked a 15 min/mi. That was all I needed to believe in myself and finish the half marathon!

I have completed 8 half marathons and I'm training for my first full marathon, the Walt Disney World Marathon in 2016. I have also completed 2 RunDisney challenges. 

My husband, Joe, supports all of my running dreams and totally enables me…which I love about him. He is always at the finish line to give me a huge hug or call me, with motivational words, during that tough mile. Joe and I are also self-confessed Disney geeks. He and I are parents to an adorable toddler, Joseph Peter, who makes the best running partner. JP is 1 1/2 years old and keeps me active on my rest days. Being a Mom is my #1 job and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope to be blessed with more kids in the future.