Growth: a blessing and a curse.

From the desk of QueenMum Leah

Growth: a blessing and a curse. Much to our dismay, we have received news of emotions running quite high due to some recent SparkleChanges. Rather than having our feelings hurt and causing our cherished staff members anxiety attacks, we wanted to take a moment to explain how and why we’ve “outgrown our fish bowl” and why we desperately need your patience and kindness

SparkleSkirts Growing Pains

  1. We were down fabric cutters! We now have two fabric cutters working full time to help us get caught up on individual and team customs.
  2. As SparkleSkirts explores new efficiencies (you want your custom skirts sooner rather than later, right?!) we have to implement new rules. Stay tuned for the video series to help explain these improvements.
  3. Director of Individual Customs Duchess Kate left us to pursue her college degree job of choice. Customer Service Rep and Director of Small Teams Ann has stepped in, but she is now working THREE JOBS while trying to devise an even more efficient system to get you those beautiful customs EVEN FASTER! A new Customer Service Rep will be starting soon, but we will need your continued patience and kindness during the transition and training period.

In order to catch our breaths and officially organize the policies you’ve started hearing about, as of June 9, 2016, we are pressing pause briefly on Individual, Small and Large Teams. The good news? The ultimate goal with these new policies is to get customs turned around in 6 to 8 weeks vs. the current 12 to 18 weeks.

What do we need from you? If you find the fabric you absolutely MUST have, purchase it, but please know that depending on the style, size, customizations, you may need more of it than previously required. We are also asking you NOT ship any fabric to SparkleSkirts until after our brief pause.

We will make the happy announcement when systems are ready and we can resume taking new orders. Thank you for your patience!

Queen Mum Leah and The Royal Staff