10 Creative and Healthy Ways to Beat Boredom

July is #AntiBoredomMonth and it has never been more relevant than it is this year. With the tone of 2020 dominated by distance and isolation, the world has had to be focused on finding creative and healthy ways to beat boredom. Luckily, our Bolder Buddies are here to inspire us to improve our lives in the funnest ways!

This month, take stock of all that bores you and actively combat that boredom. You’ve got your Bolder gear, so what next? If your plans have been canceled or if you simply don’t know where to start, consider these ideas to kickstart your motivation. 


1. Create a Home gym

2. Welcome the Warrior by Boxing


    3. Go for a Relaxing Game of Golf


      4. Embrace Your Inner Child With a Weighted Hula Hoop


        5. Jump Rope to Challenge Your Coordination


          6. Keep It Fresh by Kayaking


            7. Use Nature to Work Out


              8. Expand Your Horizons With Hiking


                9. Test Out Your New Bolder Cycling Shorts on a Bike Ride


                  10. Go Somewhere You’ve Never Been


                    Still bored? Check out our virtual #BolderHappyHour on Facebook to change up your workout routine!