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BOLDER Customs Fabrics

Click on each of the buttons to view our on-hand print fabric collections for customs! Enter the name of the fabric in the form above (after selecting "I will use BOLDER Athletic Wear™ stock/team fabric.").

Abstract Prints

This collection of abstract prints is sure to help you stand out!

Aurora Borealis is a wild mix of multi-colored circles over a black background Far out!.

Celebrate our cosmic neck of the woods in this wavy space-themed abstract print, with stars and waves of silver on a black background.

Geo-Circles is an eclectic collection of diamonds filled with multi-colored semi-circles over a black background.

Geo-Flowers is a pretty flower-like abstract pattern in white, black, blue and pink.

The Hyperlanes fabric is an acrylic-inspired blue, white, yellow and red pattern over an off white background. Black designs add in some interesting contrast!

Impressionism is a fun multi-colored array of geometric shapes over a black background. Impressionist painters would love it!

Nebula Nights is an eclectic mash-up of blue, copper and yellow circle patterns over a black background.

The Night Flowers fabric is a fun mix of illustrated flowers and circles in different bright colors on a black background.

Serengeti Safari is a cool Africa-inspired print with orange, red, white and purple accents over a back and gray patterned background.

Tie-Dye Sky is a wild purple and red tie-dye inspired pattern over a black background.


Show your love for animals with these wild custom prints!

This print is surely the Cat's Meow! Fun multi-colored feline faces smile smugly at you on this cool cat print.

Head on down to the tropics with Toucan Tropics! Flowers, ferns and palms adorn the toucans taking it easy in a tropical paradise, with an idyllic waterfal taking up the background.

Head for the zoo! Wild Safari features a safari of wildlife, with lions, tigers, cheetahs and zebras! Oh my!


Show off your fav characters with these custom prints!

Show how you feel with everyone's favorite smileys on the Peppy Emoji pattern. For a fun mix, the emoji are overlaid in different colors!

Show off your body art with this fabric that showcases cool art that make for classic tattoo designs!


Diamonds are forever - or could be your best friend. Show how much you like them with these diamond-inspired custom prints!

Chevron Waves features multi-colored diamonds and waves with splashes of bright colors!

Circus Chevrons features multi-colored bright diamonds over a black background.

Diamond Deco features a classy blue, yellow and green geometric design.

Black Diamonds over a silve background adorn this classic and simple design.


Floral patterns are perfect for spring, summer, or anywhere in between!

Red flowers adorn an azure sky in this pretty illustrated print. Imagine the morning dew on these pretty flowers!

Just because it's the spring doesn't mean you can't wear your fav pair of blue jeans! Blue Jeans Spring combines those classic jeans with fun spring flowers.

Citrus Spiral features citrus over a pleasant pastel patterned background. Refreshing!

Happy Floral features different flower designs in fun pastel multi-colors over an off-white background.

Circle-shaped flowers and leaves adorn an orange background on this bright print. Wake up and take in the Morning Light!

Ocean Palms is a calming teal and white floral. Take a break with these palms!

Small white flowers join fun sea-inspired designs over a red background on this fabric!

Peaceful tulips features an abstract watercolor-style purple, blue and green pattern.

Just like our Ritzy Donna fabric, Ritzy Fowers features large pops of color over a black and white background.

Spring Watercolors features pretty illustrated and painted pastel flowers over a white background. Perfect for Spring!

Relax and enjoy a tropical evening with this print! Tropic Sunset features pretty flowers and palms over a sunset-gradient background.


A classic design that brings in bold swirls of color!

Familiar colors adorn a black background in this paisley swirl. Celebrate good times with the Mardi Gras Paisley!

An orange paisley background is broken up by splotches of dark blue for a classic look.

Feel like royalty in Regal Red, a classy and classic red paisley pattern!


Plaids are always classic, always trendy, and are always easy to find something to match!

Stay warm for the winter with this holiday plaid pattern!


Light the way with these bright designs!

Reminiscent of fireworks, these stars are sure to get the celebration started!

Show your jubilation with this adorable pink and red star pattern!

A rainbow gradient goes over a system of stars on this shiny fabric!