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Individual Custom Products

We would love to help you be bolder with a custom-made BOLDER Athletic apparel. The fabrics that work best for your custom order are Polyester/Spandex or Nylon/Lycra blends. Please look for 85/15% or 80/20% blends. Any fabrics that do not comply to our stretch test may be rejected or incur an extra charge for special cutting.

If you have questions about the Individual Custom ordering process, please contact the customer service team at 863-500-6833 or

Any changes needed after the order has been placed will require the order to be canceled and re-submitted to ensure accurate record keeping.

  1. Once your order has been completed, mail your fabric (unless you are using our fabric) to Bolder Athletic Wear - 6810 New Tampa Highway Suite 100, Lakeland, FL 33815 and add ATTENTION: Customs Department.  PLEASE make sure you have included your name in the return address space (or include a note in the box) so we can match your fabric to your order.
  2. If you wish to order an Individual Custom item along with a team or stock item, please order SEPARATELY, otherwise, your entire shipment will be held up until your custom order is ready.
  3. Please allow a moment for your product options to load before clicking the ADD TO CART button.
  4. Individual custom fabric yard requirements can be found here.

Please Note: Allow 12-20 weeks for Individual Custom Product production from date of reception of fabric for product, not from order date, plus shipping time. 


If you have filled out your form completely and correctly, please assume that your order will go into production as soon as we receive your fabric. We will only contact you if we have questions or concerns about your order.