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Court & Course (Golf - Tennis - Pickleball)

These skirts are perfect for golfing, playing tennis and Pickleball!

Please note that all FlutterCut™ skirts come with zipper pocket installed in the back (unless otherwise noted).

All Starborn™ skirts have the cute Starborn™ logo affixed.

Starborn™ Skirts are exactly like BolderTech™ skirts except:

  • All Starborn™ FlutterCut™ and FlutterCut™ Tall skirts have the zipper pocket in the back. (Girls’ skirts have inside envelope pocket).
  • All Starborn™ skirts have the cute Starborn™ logo affixed

With Starborn™, you’ll enjoy all the great features of BolderTech™ skirts, including:

  • Two roomy leg pockets
  • 12” zippered waistband pocket (reversible on CasualFit™ and CasualFit™ Tall). Girls’ skirts have an inside envelope pocket.
  • Flat interior seams
  • Wicking fabric
  • Bolder Athletic Wear’s patented anti-ride guarantee!