What Your Bolder Gifts Say About YOU

  • Leggings- You Are Functional
  • It’s cold outside this time of year, so what better gift to give than something you can wear every day? The recipient can stay cute and cozy for all of their daily activities.

    Leggings gift

  • Skirt- It’s All About Fashion
  • The look is everything! Everyone could use a statement piece or an addition to their collection. The best part- it’s comfortable! With pockets to hold holiday goodies and shorts underneath that won’t move, you can’t go wrong!

    Skirt gift

  • Capri Skirt- You Give Unique Gifts
  • Not only is it two gifts in one, but it’s not something you see everyday. The recipient will get compliments left and right.

    Capri skirt gift

  • Capris- You Pay Attention
  • Maybe they mentioned that they tried capris and loved them, or that they prefer capris over other bottoms. Whatever the case, you listened. You know what they like and you know how to make it happen.

    Capris gift

  • Endurance Shorts- You Are Empowering
  • Some women are already super confident in the gym, so you showed your support for her girl power with shorts that she will love on her legs. Other women might need some encouragement before they take the plunge and wear shorts to the gym, so you provided super cute shorts to get them motivated and inspired.

    Shorts gift

  • Sparkle Light Skirt- Sparkle Is Everything
  • It can brighten up any day, bring life to the party, or just make someone smile. You know that the recipient loves to sparkle and create joy with their wardrobe, so you helped them do that.

    Sparkle light skirt gift

  • Men’s Shorts- Men Can Be Pampered Too
  • The men in our lives do a lot, they deserve something nice. Does he really want another pair of socks, or does he want some quality shorts he can count on?

    Mens shorts gift


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