Twinning Tuesday 👯‍♀️

Who doesn’t love some twinning vibes? We have seen so many Bolder twinning stories that have put the biggest smiles on our faces, so we decided to share one of those stories today. With the number of virtual running friends growing due to Covid-19, we thought it fitting to choose a story on friends that have been rocking the virtual style long before the pandemic. We reached out to our Brand Ambassador Jen CA to learn more about her twinning history with our Bolder Buddy Jen WA and here’s what we found out about the dynamic duo:

CA Jen and WA Jen met when they were both attending the same middle school and became friends. Life took them in different directions but one day they found themselves attending the same Turkey Trot. CA Jen recognized her long ago friend’s name, found her the next day on Facebook, and they reconnected their friendship.

Fast forward 11 years and, with their mutual love of running, exercise and cheery workout clothes, they discovered Bolder skirts and started their fun “long distance twinning” Instagram account (IG: pure.jenergy) to continue their exercise motivation “together.”

Click here to check out thei Instagram page (@pure.jenergy) and here are some of our favorite twinning moments of Jenergy:

Star Trek Twinning

Comma Chameleon skirt twinning

Custom skirt twinning

Keiko skirt twinning

Custom skirt twinning

Who is your twinning bestie? Share your pics with us!