Patrice… A Hero in Bolder


In celebration of Law Enforcement Week, our Bolder Spotlight of the month is Patrice! This tough woman embodies the message Leah sought to convey, of honoring those who protect us, when creating the "We Honor "skirt. Take the time this week to honor someone you know or someone you don’t know, that works in law enforcement and risks their lives for our safety. After hearing Patrice’s story, you will agree that she is truly an individual to be honored.

My name is Patrice Hubbard and I retired last December after 20 years with the St. Petersburg Police Department. I spent my last three years serving as the major overseeing the downtown corridor, the Traffic and Marine Unit, and the PATH (Police Assisting the Homeless) Unit.



I had a wonderful career and was able to meet and help so many people and make some amazing lasting friendships. I also met my husband at work, and he served 32 years as a police officer with the St. Petersburg Police Department.

When I saw the We Honor skirt, I knew it was a skirt that had to be in my growing collection of Bolder Athletic Wear. As a first responder, it has been a calling for me to put others first and be there during some of their darkest and most painful times. This skirt allows me to remember those times. When I wear it, I honor those still willing to face danger and run into what most would run away from. I wore my We Honor skirt for the first time at the Heroes Run in St. Petersburg in March. I had only been retired a few months at the time of the run, so several of the officers on the race course were my former employees and many of them are my friends. It was a memorable experience and an honor to wear such a meaningful skirt for the first time in the city I protected and served for 20 years with so many of my friends running with me and cheering for me.

I completed my first 5k in 2010, which was the Celma Mastry Ovarian Cancer Foundation One Step Closer to the Cure 5k. My mom died of ovarian cancer in June 2010, and I walked the race with my husband and daughters. My family participated in 2011 and again in 2012.


In late 2012, I had knee surgery and before the 2013 race, I decided to learn to run without injuring my knee. I joined Fit2Run in downtown St Pete and by February 2014, I had participated in 15 races, and 10 years later I’m still running with the same amazing group. We call ourselves The Sunrise Soles and we have formed incredible friendships that extend beyond running. I have traveled out of state and even out of the country to participate in races with my group and we often are wearing Bolder Athletic Wear.



In February 2014, my husband and I were at the Gasparilla Expo and we saw a booth for SparkleSkirts, now known as Bolder Athletic Wear. He encouraged me to give them a try and I purchased my first skirt and was hooked. I had worn skirts before that would ride up as I ran, this one did not. I never had a skirt with more than a key pocket and this skirt had three large pockets, which is so practical. I also enjoyed how comfortable and stylish the skirt was. By 2016, I owned about ten skirts and two custom skirts.




My youngest son was 13 at the time and was running races with me every weekend and had a pair of Bolder Athletic shorts that he wore all the time. He loved the pockets and cool design.

Fast forward to 2023 and 9 years later, I primarily run in my skirts, unless it’s too cold. I now have at least 30 skirts and am loving the new matching tanks, which I have 4 and 4 more in the process.


I have completed two marathons, 15 half marathons, seven 15ks, three 8ks, thirty-three 10ks, six 5 milers, and fifty-six 5ks. It’s hard to believe that I’ve completed over 120 races in 12 states, 1 in Europe and later this year will be adding a half marathon in Cuba and my third full marathon, my second in Honolulu.




In 2019, I became a Bolder Brand Ambassador and I recall Leah asking me to test wear a skirt several years ago. From then on, I started sharing the Bolder website and location at races. Many of my friends have become ambassadors and also share in my love for what Leah has created.


I recently played golf in one of my skirts and have a feeling I will be purchasing more for my golfing wardrobe. I am a 9-plus-year happy customer and look forward to wearing Bolder Athletic Wear in the years to come.



Who do you honor when you wear your We Honor skirt? Share your stories and pictures with us on social media! Order your WE HONOR garment here!