How to Style Your Leggings and Capris This Fall

The autumn vibes are creeping in and bringing about everyone’s favorite time of year: leggings season! Working out? Leggings. Shopping? Leggings. Netflix binge? Leggings. Leaving the house for the first time in a week? Leggings. With so many options, it’s hard to get tired of this comfortable staple. If you do happen to grow weary of your tried and trues, switch to capris! If that doesn’t do the trick, picking up a new pair can always freshen up your wardrobe rotation.

Whatever your method, remember to give your closet some love, stay comfy, and style boldly this fall!

Rock a Leather Jacket

Model in doorway wearing Starzon capris

Model leaning on staircase wearing Starzon capris

Keep It Cozy With a Sweater

Model in alcove wearing Starzon capris

Back of model in alcove wearing Starzon capris

Try a Cropped Hoodie for a Trendy Look

Model walking in merlot capris

Model lunging in merlot capris

Bring Out the Trusty Flannel

Model sitting on wall wearing Zag Reflective leggings

Model sitting in doorway wearing Zag Reflective leggings

Stay Sporty With a Sports Bra

Model in a backbend wearing Point Dart leggings

Make a Classic Statement Using a Jean Jacket

Model walking down stairs wearing black leggings

Model against color wall wearing black leggings

Show Your Support for a Cause With Your Capris

Model in alley wearing Thrive capris

Model in front of street wearing Thrive capris

Pair a White Tee to Keep It Simple

Navy leggings with model leaning against wall

Model leaning against colorful wall wearing navy capris

Work That Disney Fit

Model against color wall wearing Red Mini Tech leggings

Model sitting on sidewalk in front of color wall wearing Red Mini Tech leggings

Choose an Easy Top for a Casual Outing

Model in front of wall art wearing Wine Me Up capris

Model leaning against colored window wearing Wine Me Up capris

Dress It Up With a Cute Top

Model in front of shops wearing Frida capris

Model against wall art wearing Frida capris

Match a Headband to Your Capris

Model behind railing wearing Gaspar capris

Model leaning against tree wearing Gaspar capris

Highlight Your Capris With a Black Tee

Model walking across parking lot wearing Flock This Way capris

Model standing in parking lot wearing Flock This Way capris

Throw On a Cardigan to Layer Your Outfit  

Model holding railing wearing black capris

Model with foot on railing wearing black capris

Add Some Lace to the Mix

Model sitting in chair wearing red capris

Model looking in mirror wearing red capris

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