Complete Your Outfit!! Raglan Sleeved Shirts

It can be a daunting task to order a new product, even from your favorite brand. The excitement you felt when you got that email for the new Bolder Athletic Wear Raglan Sleeved Shirt might have brought a few questions to mind. How is the fit? Can the quality compare to my tried and true Bolder bottoms? Can the optional pockets really hold what I need?

Now, you can always reach out to our amazing customer service team with any questions (, but why not hear what other buyers have to say first? We could tell you all about features such as how the fabric has a sun protection factor of 50 or how the triple back pocket is hemmed with elastic at the top, yet it’s a different effect to get information from a fellow customer. Take a look at some of the feedback on the Raglan Sleeved Shirts that our Bolder Buddies have sent in:


Jen D’Italia

Jen wearing a Polka Dot Bolder Raglan Sleeved Shirt

  • Wore my brand new Bolder Raglan long sleeve top today!! 
  • I ordered an XS cuz that is what I normally wear in other long sleeve tops; I think I picked the right size for me as I’m pretty flat chested but I would say size up if not, or if you prefer something a little less form fitting. 
  • I think my only wish was that the sleeves were 1” longer. Another inch would have landed at my wrist. But not a big deal. 
  • Gloomy, chilly walk 🥶☁️🥶☁️ this morning made brighter and warmer by how much I enjoyed wearing this crazy combo! ❤️‍🔥 
  • Frida capris, Yeehaw Bolder buff and Raglan long sleeve with Dime Dots sleeves under this top. Another thing I love about the Raglan tops is that they can be used as a base layer with the fun sleeves exposed!
  • Can I just wear this outfit every day?! 🥰 


Heather Mack DiFabio 

Heather wearing a Dragon Scale Bolder Raglan Sleeved Shirt 

  • The sleeves ended up being about about 7/8 length (I have long arms), but that’s actually perfect because I won’t have to fold it back to see my watch. 
  • And that dragon scale print!   


Gwendolyn Sarver Chung 

Gwendolyn in a gym wearing a Bolder Raglan Sleeved shirt

  • It is a lighter weight fabric and is perfect for layering on those cool mornings! 


Sherry Herndon Warner 

Sherry wearing a Frida Bolder Raglan Sleeved Shirt 

  • Starting back on the bike now that the weather is getting nicer.
  • It's the perfect weight!


Te’Retta Hall  

Te'Retta wearing a Confetti Bolder Raglan Sleeved Shirt 

  • I am in love with this Raglan shirt!!!  
  • I also like the 3/4 length sleeve, which is not too snug in my arms! 
  • Thanks, Bolder Athletic Wear, for creating tops to go with the already awesome bottoms! 


Lisa Kuchta 

 Lisa wearing a Bolder Raglan Sleeved Shirt with thumb holes

  • Got my mail! 
  • My new favorite top for sure! 
  • The fit is so nice. No pulling or tugging anywhere! 
  • Honest truth those long tight sleeves make me feel I have slim, long arms! 


Mandi Clark

Mandi wearing a Bolder Raglan Shirt 

  • I was so happy when I received my Raglan long sleeved shirt!
  • I picked my size from the posted measurements and it fit perfectly! I am 5'4" and the arm length was perfect- I like sleeves that come right to my hands. 
  • I picked the Dragon Scale print for the sleeves because not only is this print amazing, it will match whatever color I wear it with!
  • I selected the Bolder Athletic Wear logo to accent the front because I am proud to represent Bolder!
  • I am looking forward to cooler weather so I can wear this shirt more frequently
  • There WILL be another purchase in my future...I have been eyeing those back pockets!!!


What’s your favorite feature on your Raglan Sleeved Shirt? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram! Pictures always welcome!